Yeah Burger – Scotch Ness Monster Burger

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Someone made a pact with the devil. That’s the only way I can explain this. At some point earlier this year, the (evil) geniuses at Yeah Burger, a pop up in several London pubs, must have met up with Lucifer himself and asked for new ideas for a burger. What no one would have thought, is what the Lord of Darkness had in mind.

A monstrosity. A mutant of a burger unleashed upon the human race. A powerful menace to dietary society. A scotch egg (hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, bread crumbs and deep-fried). And a burger. COMBINED. The egg acts as buns. The burger acts as… a burger. And as we all know, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Don't be fooled by it's cuteness. It packs a punch! Yeah Burger - Scotch Ness Monster. Scotch egg

Don’t be fooled by it’s cuteness. It packs a punch!

Thankfully, Yeah Burger rose up to the challenge and created four burgers to celebrate Edinburgh Fringe, with what I can only imagine is Satan’s absolute blessing. I tried the Scotch Ness Monster, which includes a perfectly cooked beef, pickled onions, cheddar, some fancy sauce and a white pepper and sage scotch egg. This is not a drill people. This can only signal burger apocalypse.

But I for one I’m glad the apocalypse is upon us, if it means we are going to get burgers as sublimely creative and daring as this abomination. Plus, the meat was so perfect that I’m sure I’ll come back for their regular, “non scotch eggified” burgers. Better hurry, as these special ones are only served until the 22nd of August. Until then, you twisted maniacs!

Slimy? I tried to hold it with my hands. I really did. And it was magical.

Satisfying? Maybe this burger is evil after all. But if more like it await in the depths of hell, I better start behaving badly so I get in when the time comes…


Yeah Burger
Currently served at The Star of Kings (126 York Way, London N1 0AX) and Strongroom Bar (120-124 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3SQ)