Toconoco – Cold Soba Noodles with Soy Dip

Hall of Slime

Peace. I am a peaceful man (or woman, you’re not supposed to know that). Not only when I’m eating, but in general, I like to be quiet, and I love silence. Which is hard to find in such a noisy city as London. There’s gangs everywhere. Gangs and noisy youths.

Which is why finding a quiet, soothing place to lunch/brunch is essential, especially on a sunny Sunday morning. And that’s what makes Toconoco special. Hidden in a side canal by way of the Haggerston Riviera, stands this tiny, cute and quaint coffeeshop/japanese restaurant.

No pouring! All dipping! Toconoco - Cold Soba Noodles with Soy Dip

No pouring! All dipping!

Sit outside by the water, and the only thing you’ll hear is your saliva, slurping like a good Japanese would, on some delicious Cold Soba Noodles. These are made even more curious and special by the fact that you are meant to expertly pick some with your chopsticks and dip them in your selected dip (soy dip in my case), which makes for a perfectly messy, but remarkably delicious treat. You can also add extra ingredients, like chicken (which is that white-ish paste in the pic). And there’s great coffee to boot!

I found peace in London. Peace and quiet. And it’s called Toconoco. You’ll love it. Unless you don’t like children. It’s very family friendly, so there’s the occasional nonsensical scream. But it will be fine, unless you are a soulless monster.

Slimy? Slurping noodles is always messy. Slurping noodles after dipping them in sauce is messy++

Satisfying? I have no clue what Soba means (they told me they are made of buckwheat, but that leaves me in the same place), but these noodles were outstandingly delicious.


28 Hertford Rd, London, N1 5QT