The Rib Man – Rib Meat Roll


Too many ingredients. That’s the sin of many sandwiches across the board. Too many veggies, too many strange and obscure additives, that makes them lose focus and what’s truly relevant in a good sandwich: the meat (sorry vegetarian readers, but it’s kind of true).

A burger is only as good as the patty on it’s center, and thus, a pork rib meat sandwich is only as remarkable as the quality of it’s sliced pork. This is the focus at The Rib Man, a fantastic stand in the middle of Brick Lane’s Sunday market. It takes London’s pork craze to it’s bare essentials: bread, pork, and bbq sauce. What else could you possibly need?

I tried to close it. I failed. The Rib Man - Rib Meat Roll

I tried to close it. I failed.

Say goodbye to the days where you needed a bit more spice, some sour aftertaste, or anything. The only extra thing you can get served by Mark Gevaux, AKA The Rib Man, is extra pork. Though trust me, I saw the small one, and it already has enough piggy goodness. I got the regular, and I’m not sure I can eat pork again for a while. I can’t even imagine how big a pig mountain the large one must have!

Served with a delicious BBQ sauce (I went for the traditional because I’m a chicken, but feel free to try the Holy Fuck Sauce and let me know how insanely spicy it is) and with some fine bread, this is a sandwich in it’s purest form. As such, I strongly recommend you go on a spiritual journey next Sunday, head towards this surely soon to be protected by UNESCO street food cart, and enjoy one of the purest and most delicious sandwiches known to man.

Slimy? You’ll need a fork. And good balance too, as the tower of pork on top of your sandwich is very wobbly. Good luck with using your hands for it!

Satisfying? Next time I go to one of those fancy hipster burger shops I’ll ask for a patty-only burger and see if it comes anywhere close to this masterpiece…


The Rib Man
Brick Lane Market (on Sunday, and other places on other days)