The Queen of Sheba – Sheba’s Special Meat Selection


I’m not good at geography. Having lived in different continents has probably left me even more confused. So when some friends decided that Ethiopian food was the selected meal after a very long day, I was expecting anything, from pizza to maggot soup.

After a walk through the Hampstead Heath, we ended up at The Queen of Sheba. Which sounds like the name of a pub. But it isn’t. Trust me on this one. It’s an Ethiopian place in Kentish Town. Whenever I look at a menu, I tend to look for the biggest, slimiest dish available, and in this case it was Sheba’s Special Meat Selection.

Why so gross you might ask? Because not only is it a selection of weird (but delicious) sauces and toppings, but you’re also meant to eat everything with your hands. You get some flimsy pita style breads (though they are certainly not pitas) and you just pick and grab. I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no clue what each part of the dish was. Heck, I’m not even sure if it had meat, or which kind of meat for that matter.

It's bigger than it looks. And there were two on the table... The Queen of Sheba - Sheba's Special Meat Selection London Food

It’s bigger than it looks. And there were two plates on the table…

All I know is it was fantastic. Sublime. Exquisite. Worthy of both the Queen of Sheba and Her Majesty the Queen of England. I have to imagine a royal cooking faceoff, between royals from Ethiopia and Britain, where the Brits would show up with fish and chips, and the Ethiopian royalty would offer these strange mix of ingredients. Ehtiopia would certainly win, unless it was at 4am. Nothing beats fish and chips at 4am.

Slimy? Next time I go, I’ll bring some hand sanitizer. That’s how slimy this was.

Satisfying? Next morning, I booked a one way flight to Ethiopia. So yeah.


The Queen of Sheba
12 Fortess Road, NW5 2EU, London

  • Ana

    Ok… I will have to agree on this one (not that I do not agree with your other slimy findings)…. totally nasty to eat but totally delicious!