The Parlour – USA Meaty Pancakes

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There’s something truly glorious about a North American breakfast. Dousing pancakes with deliciously gooey syrup is probably the most soothing way to start the day.


Stoke Newington brunch destination The Parlour knows this all too well. Which is why they have a whole section of the menu dedicated to the art of the American pancake. And since they have one with meat on it, well, it’s an easy choice to make (they do have one with Nutella as well… maybe for my next visit).


The USA Meaty comes with a stack of fluffy pancakes, fried egg, some bacon, hash browns, cumberland sausages and a pot of shiny and sticky maple syrup to bathe it all in. This isn’t glamorous, ladies and gentlemen, but it is incredibly caloric and delicious.



So, bid adieu to all those permutations of eggs benedict. There is a choice. And that choice will fill you up and leave you incapacitated for the rest of the day. Exactly what a good brunch should do.


Slimy? It’s greasy meat doused with syrup. It’s slime ON slime.

Satisfying? So much so, that maybe eggs benedict should also come with syrup. Mhhhh…


The Parlour
167 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0UL

Big Easy BBQ – The Big Pig Gig Limitless Bar.B.Q

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Limitless BBQ. Yes. UNLIMITED bbq. ALL the meat you can eat.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, this is a blog. I should, like, write and stuff. But if you’re not convinced by now that you should visit Big Easy BBQ at any of their locations, and make yourself explode out of pure gluttony, then you’re clearly in the wrong place of the internet.


Basically, you show up on a Monday and £20 gets you: unlimited pulled pork, unlimited ribs, unlimited bbq chicken, unlimited french fries, unlimited coleslaw, unlimited bbq beans, unlimited coleslaw, and… one cornbread (I guess cornbread is expensive?!). You also get a beer. You can also go on the weekend, when for £30 you get that and unlimited beer.


So I suggest you find the location closest to your doctor. You’ll be giving him a call right away afterwards. At least you’ll be happy by the time you hit surgery!


Slimy? The level of slimyness is unlimited

Satisfying? Satisfaction is also unlimited


Big Easy BBQ
Crossrail Place (Level 1), Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR

National Burger Day 2015 Special Report

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Some people celebrate birthdays. Some people celebrate anniversaries. I believe in a much more relevant kind of day. One that is important for us all (and if it isn’t, it should be). I’m talking about National Burger Day. The most important day of the year. By far.

Started a few years back by those maniacs over at Mr. Hyde, it’s a celebration of all things burger. And each year, they host a party, with some of the greatest, craziest burgers in London in the same place, at the same time. And with some help from Big Eater, what a party they threw!

18 burger stands. All different, new burgers for the raving citizens of London to try. Of course I had to be in on the action. So yesterday I went over to Street Feast at Dalston Yard, and commenced the Battle of the Burgers (which will be the name of a blog should I ever start a burger specific blog). Me against as many burgers as I can buy without going over £30 (because spending over £30 on burgers would be an entirely different kind of insanity).

Without further ado, the six burgers I tried, in the order I tried them (no point in choosing the best in a sea of champions, right?):

Burger #1: Smokestak‘s US vs UK

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Smokestak US v UK

It’s looking straight into my soul…

Slimy? Very much so. This baby had a beef patty AND beef brisket on top. Good luck holding it together.

Satisfying? As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as too much meat. But this one comes close!


Burger #2: Dirtyburger‘s Little Piggy

So small and powerful... National Burger Day 2015 Dirtyburger

So small and powerful…

Slimy? Fun story: I had the first one they served, and they asked me if a photographer could take a picture. Thing is, they couldn’t keep it standing straight!

Satisfying? Oh so very much. This one had a pork burger plus some black pudding. A delightful mess!


Burger #3: Nanban‘s Sasebo Stamina Slider

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Nanban Sasebo Stamina Slider

Just look at how that cheese drips…

Slimy? This patty and pork belly monster had mayo, gochujang (what?) burger sauce and a very melty cheese, so no amount of napkins was enough after the act

Satisfying? Delectable. Still not entirely sure what I ate, but it sure was magnificent.


Burger #4: PYT Burger‘s Pickleback Slider

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips! National Burger Day 2015 PYT Burger

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips!

Slimy? The only one from across the pond, this US bound burger stands aside with it’s fried pickle chips. Yes. Fried pickles. Enough said.

Satisfying? Why are we not frying all our vegetables? I say a change in the constitution should be made after this glorious tasty burger.


Burger #5: Lucky Chip‘s Donald Trump Burger

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company. National Burger Day 2015

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company

Slimy? Like the man himself, Donald Trump, this is one sleazy burger, starring a very gooey vanilla BBQ sauce.

Satisfying? Who put vanilla on my BBQ?! And please, could you do it again?!


Burger #6: Chai Ki by Roti Chai‘s Toddy Shop Slider

Looks like a donut. It's not a donut. National Burger Day 2015 Roti Chai

Looks like a donut. It’s not a donut.

Slimy? Another one with strange sounding ingredients (kasundi mustard?), as slimy as the rest of them.

Satisfying? Nothing like an exotic concoction to end the night. Or was it day? I must have lost track of time…


And that’s how it ends. Six burgers in, and I’m not entirely sure how I am still breathing. It’s been 12 hours since the last burger, and I’m still alive. Though if I die this weekend, the cause of death will be pretty clear. Should that happen, at least I’ve already been to burger heaven…