Big Easy BBQ – The Big Pig Gig Limitless Bar.B.Q

Hall of Slime

Limitless BBQ. Yes. UNLIMITED bbq. ALL the meat you can eat.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, this is a blog. I should, like, write and stuff. But if you’re not convinced by now that you should visit Big Easy BBQ at any of their locations, and make yourself explode out of pure gluttony, then you’re clearly in the wrong place of the internet.


Basically, you show up on a Monday and £20 gets you: unlimited pulled pork, unlimited ribs, unlimited bbq chicken, unlimited french fries, unlimited coleslaw, unlimited bbq beans, unlimited coleslaw, and… one cornbread (I guess cornbread is expensive?!). You also get a beer. You can also go on the weekend, when for £30 you get that and unlimited beer.


So I suggest you find the location closest to your doctor. You’ll be giving him a call right away afterwards. At least you’ll be happy by the time you hit surgery!


Slimy? The level of slimyness is unlimited

Satisfying? Satisfaction is also unlimited


Big Easy BBQ
Crossrail Place (Level 1), Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Honest Burgers – Rib Man Special


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest fight of the century, for the Slimy Yet Satisfying Heavyweight Championship (emphasis on the heavy… I’m certainly adding some kilos). On the red corner, we have Honest Burgers, with their always delicious beef and incredible chips. On the blue corner, we have The Rib Man’s perfect and delicate pork rib-meat and the (spicy as the depths of hell) Holy F**k sauce. It’s gonna be one hell of a fight, so let’s see who wins when…

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Is it weird that I think this looks cute?

Hey, what are you guys doing? You’re hugging? Awwwww. So no fighting then? Just a very tender, perfectly match hug? It’s a match made in heaven! Two of the best brands in London food (and I should know, there’s previous articles for both on this blog) get together to create this insanely delicious burger, which will make you wonder why don’t they just go ahead and merge brands, so this doesn’t remain a one-off and is added to the menu FOREVER.

Enough said, get it while supplies last. Otherwise, I guess you can always smuggle some ribs to Honest when they change the special…


Slimy? Never seen my hands shine as much as they did after this delicious monstrosity.

Satisfying?.And the winner is… ME.


Honest Burgers
4 Meard St, London W1F 0EF (and all over the UK)

Dirty Bones – Pork Ribs


Carnaby Street is a tourist trap like the best of them. Filled with chain stores, it’s no wonder why I try to stay as far away as possible. But right by its side, Kingly Court stands alone with really interesting and delicious restaurants. An oasis, if you will, in a sea of consumerism chaos.

Mhhhh... ribs.... Dirty Bones - Pork Ribs

Mhhhh… ribs….

New kid in town Dirty Bones set up their second location on the top floor, to bathe Soho with their BBQ charms. Sporting a deliciously sticky BBQ sauce, their Pork Ribs can fight with the best in Soho, if not the whole city. Nice location, cool decor, groovy tunes, and good ribs. What more could you ask for? Millions of dollars and a yacht… but yeah, still pretty cool.

Dirty! Dirty Bones - Dirty Fries


Match your ribs with some Dirty Fries, which, as implied, are VERY dirty, and you got yourself a nice trip to American inspired cuisine while in one of London’s prime touristic areas. Beats Covent Garden any day!

Slimy? Covered in sticky BBQ goodness, it would be a crime not to eat this with your bare hands

Satisfying? Prime ribs in a prime location. Enough said.


Dirty Bones
Kingly Court (Carnaby St), London, W1B 5PW

Autograf Grill – Honey Pork Ribs


My grandmother always taught us to finish our meals. Everything on our plate. Absolutely everything. No matter how disgusting or repulsive it was. I’ve lived by this code since then, and very rarely do I leave anything (unless there’s brussel sprouts, but those things are evil).

Every restaurant I go, no matter how large and absurd the amount of food served is, it all gets swallowed. Most places are no match for my unfatigable hunger. And I lived in the US for a while, where they sure know their way around massive disgusting meals. Always lived by my motto, “No food gets left behind”.

And just recently I found my new nemesis: this Polish restaurant called Autograf Grill in Haringey. Nothing could have prepared me for the utter humiliation I felt after leaving this place, with leftovers for half my dish in a polystyrene container. Yes, half. This thing I ordered, the Honey Pork Ribs, were not even that big, but they packed a punch. One taste and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I couldn’t have foreseen how impossible it would be to finish the whole thing.

It's like a small army of food just looking at me. Autograf Grill - Honey Pork Ribs Polish food

It’s like a small army of food just looking at me

Served with dried fruits and some incredible cabbage (plus pan fried potatoes in my case), it’s some of the juiciest cuts of meat I’ve ever had, and so intensely flavorsome that my mind wanted to keep up the experience and keep on eating. But my tummy kept holding back. It was too much, too sweet, too fast.

And thus I asked for the check. And the beautiful and quite possibly Polish waitress came back with the check and… with all I left from my meal. Which was enough to have a delicious Polish dinner that very same day. So yeah, I still have nightmares for not finishing it all, but I guess I’ll have to come back and win Round 2 of the fight.

Slimy? This massive pork beast was covered in honey and fruits and spices and… OF COURSE IT WAS SLIMY
Satisfying? Fantastic. So Fantastic, in fact, that I almost did not feel bad for taking half of it home, if only because It meant I would have the same sensations later that day


Autograf Grill
499 Green Lanes, London, Greater London, N4 1AL

The Rib Man – Rib Meat Roll


Too many ingredients. That’s the sin of many sandwiches across the board. Too many veggies, too many strange and obscure additives, that makes them lose focus and what’s truly relevant in a good sandwich: the meat (sorry vegetarian readers, but it’s kind of true).

A burger is only as good as the patty on it’s center, and thus, a pork rib meat sandwich is only as remarkable as the quality of it’s sliced pork. This is the focus at The Rib Man, a fantastic stand in the middle of Brick Lane’s Sunday market. It takes London’s pork craze to it’s bare essentials: bread, pork, and bbq sauce. What else could you possibly need?

I tried to close it. I failed. The Rib Man - Rib Meat Roll

I tried to close it. I failed.

Say goodbye to the days where you needed a bit more spice, some sour aftertaste, or anything. The only extra thing you can get served by Mark Gevaux, AKA The Rib Man, is extra pork. Though trust me, I saw the small one, and it already has enough piggy goodness. I got the regular, and I’m not sure I can eat pork again for a while. I can’t even imagine how big a pig mountain the large one must have!

Served with a delicious BBQ sauce (I went for the traditional because I’m a chicken, but feel free to try the Holy Fuck Sauce and let me know how insanely spicy it is) and with some fine bread, this is a sandwich in it’s purest form. As such, I strongly recommend you go on a spiritual journey next Sunday, head towards this surely soon to be protected by UNESCO street food cart, and enjoy one of the purest and most delicious sandwiches known to man.

Slimy? You’ll need a fork. And good balance too, as the tower of pork on top of your sandwich is very wobbly. Good luck with using your hands for it!

Satisfying? Next time I go to one of those fancy hipster burger shops I’ll ask for a patty-only burger and see if it comes anywhere close to this masterpiece…


The Rib Man
Brick Lane Market (on Sunday, and other places on other days)