bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork Combo – Bodean’s

Hall of Slime

There’s something glamorous about food served on a tray. As in, directly ON the tray. This is both an ecological and entertaining way to eat, and it gives you significantly more real estate to spread your filth and sauces. Who needs plates anyways?

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

Not me, for sure. Specially when it’s all about getting down and dirty, and nothing screams dirty as some good, old fashioned American BBQ. Which is exactly what Bodean’s excels at. Don’t be fooled by the sudden appearance of Bodean’s shops everywhere. These guys really do know their meat from their pork, their BBQ sauce from their, ehm, spicy BBQ sauce. And they can make a mean meal.

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

And with a diverse menu of sticky delicacies, how could I possibly choose between Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork? Why can’t I have both? Wait. I can? Seriously? Good lord in heaven! This is one happy day! Add in some coleslaw and bountiful chips, and I’m sold.


Slimy? No matter how sticky it already comes, you’re going to douze it in more BBQ sauce anyways

Satisfying? A good BBQ is a good BBQ. This is an excellent one.


10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ

Porchetta & Grill - Not So Small Porchetta Panini portobello road west london pork sandwich

Porchetta & Grill – Not So Small Porchetta Panini

Hall of Slime

New job, new location, new food. That’s my thought process whenever I land a new job. And after a few years working in “not so glamorous” Soho, I’ve started a new gig in West London, a few minutes away from Portobello Road, its famous market and its accompanying tourist infestation.

Porchetta & Grill - Not So Small Porchetta Panini portobello road west london pork sandwich

Going sideways

So you’ll see loads of new places pop up here within the area. Which is not a bad thing, specially with the likes of Porcetta & Grill, with its delightful pressed sandwiches. Porcetta is a special Italian pork preparation, and when cooked well, it leads the charge for a succulent lunch. And it comes in two sizes, with the Not So Small being, well, massive.

Porchetta & Grill - Not So Small Porchetta Panini portobello road west london pork sandwich

After a few bites

So come say hi if you’re westbound. Maybe I’ll take you for some Porcetta. Unless you don’t like good things. In which case: stay as far away from me as possible.


Slimy? A sandwich this big should not be able to hold its stuff as well as this one does

Satisfying? Perfect for the coming summer afternoons. Just don’t eat it while standing on Portobello Road: you’ll be constantly bumped by tourons (i.e. tourist morons) for sure


Porchetta & Grill
Markets in London, check their Facebook for location

Wong Kei - Braised Pork Belly chinese chinatown rice london food

Wong Kei – Braised Pork Belly

Hall of Slime

Customer service in London restaurants is pretty bad. Not horrible, mind you, but it just seems like nobody tries hard enough. And then there’s a place like Wong Kei, that not only doesn’t try, it actually has a reputation for poor service. So of course I had to put it to the test.

Wong Kei - Braised Pork Belly chinese chinatown rice london food

My kind of ying and yang

In the busiest part of Chinatown, Wong Kei stands with a remarkably sterile environment, which clearly shows that this place is all about the food and nothing else. Fine by me! So when the waitress finally showed up (it took a while), I ordered me some Braised Pork Belly over rice. Unsurprisingly, it came with nary a thank you or anything, and we were even told off for asking to change something from the menu.

Wong Kei - Braised Pork Belly chinese chinatown rice london food

Look at the steam on this picture!

Now, let’s be clear. The food was unbelievably good. The pork incredibly tender, with a perfect sauce, over oodles of rice. It’s authentic cuisine, the kind that is hard to find in Chinatown, and you can tell it’s good by just looking at the clientele. The fact that it’s in the middle of tourist-town boggles me, but I don’t make the rules.

Wong Kei - Braised Pork Belly chinese chinatown rice london food

So much deliciousness should be illegal

Does great food change with poor service? No. Does that matter? Not really. Will I be back for more? Absolutely.


Slimy? A huge portion bathed in sumptuous sauce. Very sticky. Very good.

Satisfying? Pork so tender you can break it with chopsticks. Which is all you’ll get at this place (don’t you DARE ask for a fork)


Wong Kei
43 Wardour St, London W1D 6PY

Autograf Grill – Honey Pork Ribs


My grandmother always taught us to finish our meals. Everything on our plate. Absolutely everything. No matter how disgusting or repulsive it was. I’ve lived by this code since then, and very rarely do I leave anything (unless there’s brussel sprouts, but those things are evil).

Every restaurant I go, no matter how large and absurd the amount of food served is, it all gets swallowed. Most places are no match for my unfatigable hunger. And I lived in the US for a while, where they sure know their way around massive disgusting meals. Always lived by my motto, “No food gets left behind”.

And just recently I found my new nemesis: this Polish restaurant called Autograf Grill in Haringey. Nothing could have prepared me for the utter humiliation I felt after leaving this place, with leftovers for half my dish in a polystyrene container. Yes, half. This thing I ordered, the Honey Pork Ribs, were not even that big, but they packed a punch. One taste and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I couldn’t have foreseen how impossible it would be to finish the whole thing.

It's like a small army of food just looking at me. Autograf Grill - Honey Pork Ribs Polish food

It’s like a small army of food just looking at me

Served with dried fruits and some incredible cabbage (plus pan fried potatoes in my case), it’s some of the juiciest cuts of meat I’ve ever had, and so intensely flavorsome that my mind wanted to keep up the experience and keep on eating. But my tummy kept holding back. It was too much, too sweet, too fast.

And thus I asked for the check. And the beautiful and quite possibly Polish waitress came back with the check and… with all I left from my meal. Which was enough to have a delicious Polish dinner that very same day. So yeah, I still have nightmares for not finishing it all, but I guess I’ll have to come back and win Round 2 of the fight.

Slimy? This massive pork beast was covered in honey and fruits and spices and… OF COURSE IT WAS SLIMY
Satisfying? Fantastic. So Fantastic, in fact, that I almost did not feel bad for taking half of it home, if only because It meant I would have the same sensations later that day


Autograf Grill
499 Green Lanes, London, Greater London, N4 1AL