Burger and Beyond – Double Cheeseburger


A good popup is defined by both the place where it sets up at as to the quality of its food. Such is the case most of the times.

But in the burger world, things are a bit different. For a burger popup is defined by the taste of its patty, ingredients and buns. So even if Camden’s Daughter in Kentish Town isn’t a fantastic pub per se (average beer selection if you ask me), a trip to it is a must solely by the true delight that are Burger and Beyond‘s cheeseburgers.

A simple menu leaves little choice but to go do double, and double is indeed the flavour punch this nasty hamburger packs. Whilst you can get Burger and Beyond burgers’ at other locations, at the brink of Kentish Town it seems to thrive, right by all the hipster coffee bars and expensive surroundings.

Delicious cheese, soft buns and two glorious, jucylicious meat patties make this the best burger I’ve had all year. Considering we are only in May, I say to the other burgers around town: bring it on.

Slimy? Sweet cheezus, this is a filthy burger

Satisfying? It goes well beyond satisfying


Burger and Beyond

Bodo’s Schloss – Veal Wiener Schnitzel


Nothing beats going to the apres lodge after a good, long day of skiing. You’re tired, hungry, and ready for some well deserved food and a nice, refreshing beer. So who cares if there’s no skiing (or snow) in London. There’s a ski lodge, several actually, and one of them is Bodo’s Schloss.

Tucked in next to Hyde Park in Kensington High Street, Bodo’s mimics an apres ski lodge perfectly: with wooden walls and floors, big glasses of beer, terrible taste in music (emphasis on the terrible) and great austrian cuisine.

How cute! It comes in a pan! You can burn yourself! Bodo's Schloss - Veal Wiener Schnitzel Austrian food

How cute! It comes in a pan! You can burn yourself!

I went for the absolute Austrian classic: the Veal Wiener Schnitzel. Not only was this thing big, it was authentic. A long time ago I visited Austria, and that trip rushed back to mind as soon as I tried this schnitzel, coupled with sauerkraut and potato salad. All of a sudden, it did feel as though I had been skiing all day (in reality, I had been drinking all day, but that’s a sport in the UK, right?).

After a nice meal, some “on the house” shots that came served on a set of skis, plenty of pints and an expensive bill (it is Kensington after all), I was ready to call it a day. Had to wake up early to ski once more…


Slimy? Massive meat portion equals a reasonably messy dish.

Satisfying? This Austrian popup surprised me with how authentic their schnitzel tasted. Das gut.


Bodo’s Schloss
2a Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT

Stacks – Poutine


Ahhh, poutine. That most delicious of Canadian delicacies. Canada is all about three things: unlimited kindness, hockey and poutine.

For the uninitiated, poutine is basically chips, smothered in gravy, and topped off with cheese curd, creating a mixture only mad scientists could conceive. Stacks have been doing poutine for quite a while, and their spin is adding even more ingredients to an already disgusting sounding dish. This one in particular has added cole slaw and pulled pork. Because why the hell not.

Trust me. There's chips below all that mess. Stacks - Poutine

Trust me. There’s chips below all that mess.

And it kind of makes you wonder: why do chips get served in any other way? There’s no reasonable explanation as to why something as gross and utterly horrendous can taste so delicious. Canadians are nice and all, but this meal is even nicer. You’ll be thanking everyone for a week after you’ve tried this. You’ll also be thanking for the invention of toilet paper, but that’s a reasonable sacrifice.

Slimy? The fork in that picture? Useless. You’ll be messier than the time you tried eating spaghetti with your bare hands. Stock on extra napkins. Maybe a toilet roll.

Satisfying? My dad used to say everything mixes in our stomach to get me to eat things I didn’t like. This is like that, only it comes premixed, and me liking all the ingredients. I guess it’s nothing like that then…


Stacks Poutine @ Birthdays
33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BJ