Yard Sale Pizza – Holy Pepperoni


Yard Sale Pizza does it simple. Small shop, great pizza. Not too many options, a few crowd favourites, and that’s pretty much it.

Simple shop means simple choices, so I just went for a Holy Pepperoni. Sporting some pepperoni (DUHHH) and spicy Nduja sausage, it was a delicious pizza pie. Not a religious one mind you, ain’t nothing holy about pepperoni. But a truly great meal. Not that I was expecting anything less seeing how Yard Sale have been expanding across town.

Simple is good. I like simple. Too much choice can be a bad thing. And with pizza as good as this, it amplifies the experience.


Slimy? Oily, messy, greasy… the way pepperoni pizza should be

Satisfying? Holy pepperoni, Batman!


Yard Sale Pizza
54 Blackstock Road, London N4 2DW

Burger and Beyond – Double Cheeseburger


A good popup is defined by both the place where it sets up at as to the quality of its food. Such is the case most of the times.

But in the burger world, things are a bit different. For a burger popup is defined by the taste of its patty, ingredients and buns. So even if Camden’s Daughter in Kentish Town isn’t a fantastic pub per se (average beer selection if you ask me), a trip to it is a must solely by the true delight that are Burger and Beyond‘s cheeseburgers.

A simple menu leaves little choice but to go do double, and double is indeed the flavour punch this nasty hamburger packs. Whilst you can get Burger and Beyond burgers’ at other locations, at the brink of Kentish Town it seems to thrive, right by all the hipster coffee bars and expensive surroundings.

Delicious cheese, soft buns and two glorious, jucylicious meat patties make this the best burger I’ve had all year. Considering we are only in May, I say to the other burgers around town: bring it on.

Slimy? Sweet cheezus, this is a filthy burger

Satisfying? It goes well beyond satisfying


Burger and Beyond

The Parlour – USA Meaty Pancakes

Hall of Slime

There’s something truly glorious about a North American breakfast. Dousing pancakes with deliciously gooey syrup is probably the most soothing way to start the day.


Stoke Newington brunch destination The Parlour knows this all too well. Which is why they have a whole section of the menu dedicated to the art of the American pancake. And since they have one with meat on it, well, it’s an easy choice to make (they do have one with Nutella as well… maybe for my next visit).


The USA Meaty comes with a stack of fluffy pancakes, fried egg, some bacon, hash browns, cumberland sausages and a pot of shiny and sticky maple syrup to bathe it all in. This isn’t glamorous, ladies and gentlemen, but it is incredibly caloric and delicious.



So, bid adieu to all those permutations of eggs benedict. There is a choice. And that choice will fill you up and leave you incapacitated for the rest of the day. Exactly what a good brunch should do.


Slimy? It’s greasy meat doused with syrup. It’s slime ON slime.

Satisfying? So much so, that maybe eggs benedict should also come with syrup. Mhhhh…


The Parlour
167 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0UL

Pizzeria Pappagone finsbury park london italian pizza north london

Pizzeria pappagone – Quattro Stagioni


What makes a place “your local”? What is it that turns a restaurant from just another joint up your alley, to THE place you somehow always end up eating at?

Well, I’m not sure. Heck, most people would just call their corner kebab shop their “local”. All I know is, for me, living in the Finsbury Park area (until my landlord goes crazy or something, which could happen any minute), there’s one and only local place: Pizzeria Pappagone.

Pizzeria Pappagone finsbury park london italian pizza north london

I can smell it from here

Pass it by any night. It is always hustling and bustling. Packed to the rim, and with enviable character (I’m pretty sure all the staff is italian, and they sure know their stuff), it’s more than just a restaurant. It’s an Italian experience.

Pizzeria Pappagone finsbury park london italian pizza north london

Getting closer…

My last visit was on a Monday, and yes, it was full. But thankfully, that made no difference in the quality of their pizzas. Going for the Quattro Stagioni, I “stuffa my face” (their words, not mine) with mozzarella, ham, spicy salamy, some shrooms and olives. As good as it was, trust me: it doesn’t matter which pizza you order. They are all good. They are all massive. They all feel traditionally Italian.

Pizzeria Pappagone finsbury park london italian pizza north london


Why haven’t I written about this place before then? Because I always forgot to take pictures. That’s just how good these pizza pies are.


Slimy? They do put a lot of mozza. And that is just the way I like my pizzas

Satisfying? If you’re not satisfied and happy after one of these pizzas, then there’s something wrong with you


Pizzeria Pappagone
131 Stroud Green Rd, London N4 3PX