The Fat Nasty – Stagolee’s

Hall of Slime

The Fat Nasty. What is it, you may ask? What disgustingly awesome dish could possibly warrant being called something as offensive and harsh as this?

Perhaps it’s best to look straight at the source. Check out Stagolee’s brunch menu entry:

When I see that in a menu, all of a sudden the ‘what to order’ decision has been made for me. You really can’t make stuff like this up. If that sounds gross, well… It’s because it is. And I don’t say that lightly. The chicken is fried to perfection, the gravy (more like bread sauce?) is thick, creamy and dense, and the biscuit on both ends is caloric enough to make you wonder: should this be shared?

Reality check: It shouldn’t be shared. As it’s motherflippin’ delicious. Just check your arteries on your way out fr traces of gravy.

Slimy? The Fat Nasty lives up to its name. And then some.

Satisfying? Incredibly fattening, and incredibly succulent


453 North End Rd, London SW6 1NZ