fish and chips hook camden tempura fried

Tempura Batter Fish & Chips – Hook

Hall of Slime

Before all the British readers out there start screaming “sacrilege!” when somebody messes with the all time classic fish and chips, just remember: innovation is what keeps the world moving. And stomachs growing.

fish and chips hook camden tempura fried

So yes. In some circles, it might be considered “wrong” and possibly even “evil” to think of something as outrageous as serving a Fish & Chips where the fish was, wait for it, fried in Tempura. Yep, that classical Japanese way of frying various items comes to your tried and true fish and chips. And what can I say? The results may surprise you. It certainly surprised my palate.

fish and chips hook camden tempura fried

At Hook, they offer to fry your fish not only in Tempura, but in Panko as well. Guess I’ll have to come back and try that one. But for now, this delightful catch of the day, aided by delicious and copious amounts of chips and, in this case, some crazy spicy Piri Piri sauce, is enough to justify any and all ruckus, and to convince anyone, including the most hardcore, that as long as it’s fried, it’s still very much fish and chips.


Slimy? It’s fried, massive and resting in a bed of chips. It’s as oily as it gets.

Satisfying? A nice little change to your usual British standard cuisine.


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