Yum Bun – Pork and Shrimp Steamed Buns


It’s only natural that I would go from tacos to what are, under my inexperienced eyes, Japanese tacos. Using steam buns as a base, the japs have created this fascinating new (well, new for me anyways) way of consuming various quirky ingredients.

And thus, my Dinerama adventure continued, because I couldn’t be satisfied with only one meal, so I had to give the buns from Yum Bun a go. I ordered both a pork and a shrimp bun, both coming with various sauces, veggies, spices, etc. Both a bundle of joy (pun absolutely intended).

So much bun! Yum Bun - Pork and Shrimp Steamed Buns

So much bun!

These buns are the softest kind of bread I’ve tried, and they blend perfectly with whatever they come with (and I do emphasize the whatever). The pork one, with its hoisin sauce, was succulent, and the shrimp one was a spicy delicacy.

At Slimy yet Satisfying, we appreciate all meals that can be eaten with bare hands. So Yum Bun passes the test, and I’ll be coming back for more yummy bunnies. On second thought, maybe I’ll start my own bun business called Yummy Bunnies.

Slimy? These buns are a bit sticky. Which is good, it keeps the ingredients in place.

Satisfying? Yummy bunny.


Yum Bun
Curently at Dinerama in Shoreditch (check website for updates)

Breddos Tacos – Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Baja Fish Tacos


Mexican food is confusing. It’s hard to know the difference between tacos, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas. Aren’t they all the same? Does it really matter?

We know they all have some sort of tortilla. They are usually spicy. Sometimes really spicy. But honestly, when I order tacos, I’m seriously never quite sure what I’m going to get. Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. Only with tacos, not chocolates.

So when I approached Breddos Tacos at Dinerama (admittedly with a few drinks in), I had no idea what to expect. But I ordered anyways, knowing that the only bad thing that could happen when eating mexican food would happen the next day anyways. And so, I received both a Buttermilk Fried Chicken Taco and a Baja Fish one.

Left or right? Why not BOTH. Breddos Tacos - Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Baja Fish Tacos

Left or right? Why not BOTH

As tiny as they were, these things were great. Expertly cooked fish and chicken, coupled with some mystery sauces (mystery as in there’s no way I could remember the ingredients), both tacos were the quick food jolt I required at that moment in time. Plus, you can finish each in two bites, making you feel like a devouring champion.

Is this what you get in Mexico when you order tacos? Absolutely not. But that’s the point. Leave it to London to take tacos, add weird and certainly non mexican ingredients, and make something even better. Or at least something delicious.

Slimy? They are tacos. Things will get messy wether you want it or not.

Satisfying? Tiny but delicious! A little mexican treat. Arriba arriba!


Breddos Tacos
(Check website/Twitter for current location)