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Naked Dough – Flavoured Dough

Hall of Slime

This place, Naked Dough, sells cookie dough. That’s it. How was this not a thing before, I’m not entirely sure. It’s always been clear that cookie dough is the best. From being Ben n Jerry’s best ice cream flavour (I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise) to turning into magnificent cookies, cookie dough is just wonderful.

cookie dough naked dough oreo london

So along comes Naked Dough, a place that looks like an ice cream shop, feels like an ice cream shop, but has no ice cream. Just different flavours of cookie dough. At first it’s strange since one expects this to be cold. It isn’t. Again, this isn’t ice cream: it’s cookie dough. Then one expects it to go down easy. But how can it possibly go down easy if this is as gooey and sugary as anything you’ll ever have.

cookie dough naked dough oreo london

Which is not to say this is not delicious. It is. Fantastically so. Just be warned: a taste of this and you’ll understand what thickness means in a dessert. So go ahead: get some dough. Just be sure to share it, you won’t be able to finish a tub (I couldn’t, shame on me…).


Slimy? Uncooked cookie dough. So yeah. Very icky stuff.

Satisfying? It packs a punch, but cookie dough parlours are a thing now. What a glorious time to be alive.


Naked Dough
Old Street Underground, London EC1Y 1BE

Benny Buttons - Vegan Pancakes london market syrup pancake tower

Benny Buttons – Vegan Pancakes

Hall of Slime

A pancake tower is a beautiful thing. A tall, intricately designed skyscraper of deliciously doughy round beauties, whose sole sight can inspire grandeur on even the skeptical among us.

Benny Buttons - Vegan Pancakes london market syrup pancake tower

I’ll plant my flag on this one

Which is why having a market stall like Benny Buttons building these complex structures of happiness is such a great thing. Specially during these bleak, post-Brexit days, we need any glimmer of hope we can get. And trust me, hope can very much come in pancake tower form.

Benny Buttons - Vegan Pancakes london market syrup pancake tower

A look inside the pancakes

Sporting some apples and covered in ever so sticky syrup, this is a treat that has to be tried. So yeah, it might be vegan, but that’s hardly relevant when it comes to pancakes. Be sure to bring a friend along though: otherwise you’ll feel guilty for the foreseeable future…

Benny Buttons - Vegan Pancakes london market syrup pancake tower

Doesn’t look that tall from up here


Slimy? Sticky, gooey, slimy… can’t think of any more adjectives

Satisfying? Certainly, you’ll be full with two bites


Benny Buttons
Markets around London (check their social media)

Beigel Bake – Cheesecake


Brick Lane is famous for two things: below average Indian restaurants (and it’s super annoying but “authentic” waiters trying to get you to enter them) and its two competing, 24-7 bagel shops.

But this isn’t about bagels. As delicious as that New York staple is, this is about that OTHER delicious and equally famous North American staple: the Cheesecake. For far too long have I tried and failed in my search of a good cheesecake in London. Not cheesy enough, not thick enough, o just a plain excuse of a cake that doesn’t deserve to have the word cheese on its name.

And then last Friday someone told me I should try the cheesecakes they sell at Beigel Bake (the one with the white sign). I knew they sold stuff other than bagels, but I thought it was just a marketing ploy to get people in. It never crossed my mind to purchase anything other than a salt beef bagel (which deserves its own, separate, future post).

How can something so tiny be so intense? Beigel Bake - Cheesecake

How can something so tiny be so intense?

So I went, queued up (crazy long queue! People just can’t get enough bagels), and got myself a very tiny and very cheap (at £0.70 a piece) slice of creamy goodness. And it was good. Very good in fact. Surprisingly excellent.

While not quite New York Style (it would need some strawberries and also be huge for that), it still has that special thickness so characteristic of the cakes from the Big Apple. It might be small, but it packs a punch, and it brought me back to my last US cheesecake experience. Oh, the memories.

Next time you go to fill your bagel needs at 3am on a Saturday, remember, there is more to bagels on a bagel shop. Get a slice of cheesy cheesiness, and go on your merry drunken way home.

Slimy? It does have cheese on its name, but it’s so tightly compressed that the only way this could fall apart is if you sat on it.

Satisfying? The search for the perfect NY Style Cheesecake continues, but this’ll o for now!


Beigel Bake
159 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB

Chinatown Bakery – Tai Yaki


Anyone who’s been to London’s Chinatown Bakery has seen it: the majestic machine that automatically creates Tai Yaki, which must be Chinese for “really tasty looking cream filled fish shaped thing”. How could we not? It’s a hypnotic experience.

Located at the Chinatown Bakery, troops of tourists watch in complete trance how this robot does pair after pair of cream filled sea-life. After years of resisting the temptation, and the obvious assumption that it couldn’t possibly taste good, I succumbed and bought four little fishies.

Looks cute. Do not be fooled. These things are evil. Chinatown Bakery - Tai Yaki

Looks cute. Do not be fooled. These things are evil

And… they’re really not that special. At all. Like, I would totally believe that the expression “appearances are deceiving” was created by someone like me, 100 years ago, watching the first of these machines working. You bite into the poor little fish thing, and it doesn’t even spill cream, as it’s all solidified by then.

So by all means, come and look at the engineering marvel of how these things get baked, just don’t expect the taste to be anything great.

Slimy? Not really. It was meant to be very gooey, and then it wasn’t.

Satisfying? Nope. At all. It’s as disappointing as the Star Wars prequels. Or The Matrix sequels. Possibly both together.


Chinatown Bakery
7 Newport Place, WC2H 7JR
(No website)