Monty’s Deli – Meshuggener

Hall of Slime

How quickly they grow up… From the humble beginnings of what looked like a hangar by Maltby St Market, I’ve seen Monty’s Deli grow from ‘the little Deli that could’ to a full blown restaurant in Dalston. Not my first of their sandwiches, you see.

But has the move to hipster-London damaged it’s succulent, ridiculously massive meals of ginormous proportions? Not in the least. If anything, these sandwiches have gotten bigger and better.

Case in point, the Meshuggener: a smorgasbord consisting of salt beef, pastrami AND chopped liver. Yes, the three-meat trifecta. With the usual coleslaw and rye bread to boot. Boom. Nothing can prepare you for this tower of a sandwich. Which makes sense, since meshuggener means crazy in the old language of Yiddish.

All in nicer surroundings and blah blah. But who cares really. This is all about being a delicious Deli. And in that, Monty’s Deli is still London’s Deli king.


Slimy? Three meats with some measly rye bread to hold it? Good luck with that.

Satisfying? Like eating 7 meals in one. Try counting the calories of this monster.


Monty’s Deli
227-229 Hoxton St, London N1 5LG

Harry Morgan’s – Pastrami Reuben

Hall of Slime

I clearly have a Reuben problem. I can’t go to a deli style restaurant and order anything else. Like this time. It’s just part of who I am, and there’s nothing I can do about it.


But who am I kidding? The Reuben is the mother of all sandwiches. A sandwich equally gross and glorious. A true champion of a pastrami tower, with melted cheese, sauerkraut and dressing, it’s just impossible to resist. Of course I couldn’t order anything else: it would be sacrilege to do so.


Harry Morgan’s, a New York style Deli in St. Johns Wood, brings true honour to the legend of the Reuben. Their Pastrami Reuben is as huge as it is tasty, and comes with more fries than you’ll be able to handle after such a monstrosity.


And so, I’m sure if I go again, I’ll just order the same damn thing once more. Because a Reuben is a Reuben. And it deserves respect and admiration. Specially when it’s done this well.

Slimy? A tower of meat in your palms. How can it NOT be filthy?

Satisfying? Glorious as a Reuben can be. Just glorious.

Harry Morgan’s
29-31 High St., London, NW8 7NH

Monty’s Deli – The Reuben



Ah, The Reuben. The staple of Jewish deli’s all over the world. A sandwich so famous, it’s named as if it was a person. And a biblical person at that. Reuben, who was the least dickish of Jacob’s sons (still a dick though, as he still was part of throwing Benjamin into a well), got his name into a sandwich, which usually has cheese, mustard, sauerkraut and LOADS of pastrami.

Being mostly a New York staple, the fact that any place in London sells a Reuben is a call for celebration. The fact that it’s this good and glorious is just icing on the sandwich (icing on a sandwich sounds oddly intriguing… should try that soon).

Pastrami here, pastrami there, pastrami EVERYWHERE. Monty's Deli - The Reuben

Pastrami here, pastrami there, pastrami EVERYWHERE

This sandwich is big. And that’s the regular version up there. There’s an even bigger one (and one crazy sounding sandwich called Meshuggener which even I think is a terrible idea, it has pastrami AND salt beef combined). It’s such a complex mix of flavours, that it’ll make a believer out of anyone. This is the kind of meal that can get people closer to religion, so I’m curious as to why it’s not served on every synagogue in the world (might have something to do with it being so un-kosher, mixing cheese and cheese).

Approach with an empty stomach, and with no vegans in your company. They will most likely be offended.

Slimy? You betcha. The bread is thin enough that the greasy ingredients will go through it, and impregnate your skin (and your soul)

Satisfying? Whoever mixed these ingredients in a sandwich should be regarded as the true saviour


Monty’s Deli
Maltby Street Market