Monty’s Deli – Meshuggener

Hall of Slime

How quickly they grow up… From the humble beginnings of what looked like a hangar by Maltby St Market, I’ve seen Monty’s Deli grow from ‘the little Deli that could’ to a full blown restaurant in Dalston. Not my first of their sandwiches, you see.

But has the move to hipster-London damaged it’s succulent, ridiculously massive meals of ginormous proportions? Not in the least. If anything, these sandwiches have gotten bigger and better.

Case in point, the Meshuggener: a smorgasbord consisting of salt beef, pastrami AND chopped liver. Yes, the three-meat trifecta. With the usual coleslaw and rye bread to boot. Boom. Nothing can prepare you for this tower of a sandwich. Which makes sense, since meshuggener means crazy in the old language of Yiddish.

All in nicer surroundings and blah blah. But who cares really. This is all about being a delicious Deli. And in that, Monty’s Deli is still London’s Deli king.


Slimy? Three meats with some measly rye bread to hold it? Good luck with that.

Satisfying? Like eating 7 meals in one. Try counting the calories of this monster.


Monty’s Deli
227-229 Hoxton St, London N1 5LG

fried chicken Chick 'n' Sours House Fry haggerston

Chick ‘n’ Sours – House Fry

Hall of Slime

It’s like in The Godfather: once you’re out, they pull you back in. That’s how and why I end up coming back to a place. Because when after the first time it was such a ridiculous attack on the culinary senses, I just had to try what else this palace to all that is chicken and fried had to offer. At least I was cool enough to go before they expanded to Soho.

fried chicken Chick 'n' Sours House Fry haggerston

And back here we are, again at Chick ‘n’ Sours. This time not for the crazy, coma inducing burgers, but for their signature dish, the House Fry. Which, incidentally, is also very much crazy and coma inducing. Two massive, expertly fried pieces of tender and still moist chicken, accompanied with watermelon slices (yes, I didn’t understand the fruit either, but… it kind of works?). The crunchiness and texture of the fried chicken skin is unparalleled, and will make you instantly regret every single visit to every chicken shop EVER. Which is expected, I guess, when they actually sell pieces of skin as appetizers. Go figure.

fried chicken Chick 'n' Sours House Fry haggerston

Can I give any more praise than being a repeat costumer? Yes. I could be a threepeat costumer. Guess I’ll have to come back for the Whole Fry Sunday


Slimy? Go on. Get dirty. Use your hands. The fork will just slow you down. And do eat ALL the skin. It’s allowed and endorsed.

Satisfying? So good even the Chicken Connoisseur would approve.


Chick ‘n’ Sours
390 Kingsland Rd, London, E8 2AA

Voodoo Ray’s – Pizza


You know how, when you’re a kid, and you enter a candy store, the first thing you do is go by the counter, put your face as close to the glass as you can, and silently ponder which delight you’re going to choose?

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style

That’s exactly how my adult persona behaves when I go to Voodoo Ray’s. So many styles, so many slices, how can I possibly choose? With such an incredible selection of pizzas, and with slices as big as they can be made, this is one place where you can go hungry.

Now, I wish I could remember which slices I chose. Truth is, I have no idea. They were so fascinating, that my memory was blocked instantly. That, or I just forgot to write them down. Either way: Voodoo Ray’s rocks.

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style


Slimy? You’ll need both hands to hold these slices. Massive, and very drippy.

Satisfying? Feel like a kid in a candy store, only old and with adult problems.


Voodoo Ray’s
95 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB

National Burger Day 2015 Special Report

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Some people celebrate birthdays. Some people celebrate anniversaries. I believe in a much more relevant kind of day. One that is important for us all (and if it isn’t, it should be). I’m talking about National Burger Day. The most important day of the year. By far.

Started a few years back by those maniacs over at Mr. Hyde, it’s a celebration of all things burger. And each year, they host a party, with some of the greatest, craziest burgers in London in the same place, at the same time. And with some help from Big Eater, what a party they threw!

18 burger stands. All different, new burgers for the raving citizens of London to try. Of course I had to be in on the action. So yesterday I went over to Street Feast at Dalston Yard, and commenced the Battle of the Burgers (which will be the name of a blog should I ever start a burger specific blog). Me against as many burgers as I can buy without going over £30 (because spending over £30 on burgers would be an entirely different kind of insanity).

Without further ado, the six burgers I tried, in the order I tried them (no point in choosing the best in a sea of champions, right?):

Burger #1: Smokestak‘s US vs UK

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Smokestak US v UK

It’s looking straight into my soul…

Slimy? Very much so. This baby had a beef patty AND beef brisket on top. Good luck holding it together.

Satisfying? As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as too much meat. But this one comes close!


Burger #2: Dirtyburger‘s Little Piggy

So small and powerful... National Burger Day 2015 Dirtyburger

So small and powerful…

Slimy? Fun story: I had the first one they served, and they asked me if a photographer could take a picture. Thing is, they couldn’t keep it standing straight!

Satisfying? Oh so very much. This one had a pork burger plus some black pudding. A delightful mess!


Burger #3: Nanban‘s Sasebo Stamina Slider

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Nanban Sasebo Stamina Slider

Just look at how that cheese drips…

Slimy? This patty and pork belly monster had mayo, gochujang (what?) burger sauce and a very melty cheese, so no amount of napkins was enough after the act

Satisfying? Delectable. Still not entirely sure what I ate, but it sure was magnificent.


Burger #4: PYT Burger‘s Pickleback Slider

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips! National Burger Day 2015 PYT Burger

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips!

Slimy? The only one from across the pond, this US bound burger stands aside with it’s fried pickle chips. Yes. Fried pickles. Enough said.

Satisfying? Why are we not frying all our vegetables? I say a change in the constitution should be made after this glorious tasty burger.


Burger #5: Lucky Chip‘s Donald Trump Burger

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company. National Burger Day 2015

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company

Slimy? Like the man himself, Donald Trump, this is one sleazy burger, starring a very gooey vanilla BBQ sauce.

Satisfying? Who put vanilla on my BBQ?! And please, could you do it again?!


Burger #6: Chai Ki by Roti Chai‘s Toddy Shop Slider

Looks like a donut. It's not a donut. National Burger Day 2015 Roti Chai

Looks like a donut. It’s not a donut.

Slimy? Another one with strange sounding ingredients (kasundi mustard?), as slimy as the rest of them.

Satisfying? Nothing like an exotic concoction to end the night. Or was it day? I must have lost track of time…


And that’s how it ends. Six burgers in, and I’m not entirely sure how I am still breathing. It’s been 12 hours since the last burger, and I’m still alive. Though if I die this weekend, the cause of death will be pretty clear. Should that happen, at least I’ve already been to burger heaven…