Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Meat and Shake – Truffle Shuffle Burger

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My parents always said “everything gets mixed in the stomach anyways” when we tried to keep veggies as far away from the “good stuff” as we could. That very same feeling rings now more true than ever as Meat & Shake has made me appreciate the art that is having a Burger with a Milkshake as your drink. Dessert and main, combined.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Perfect for downing burgers

No alcohol in the menu? No problem. You get deliciously creamy milkshakes, like the Oreo Milkshake I got early on, to help you bring the upcoming burger down your digestive system. I struggled not to drink it straight away. Go ahead and try to stop drinking a milkshake halfway. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Partners in crime

But thankfully, I did save some, as it would certainly be needed once the mighty Truffle Shuffle came along. A beauty of a burger if I say so myself, it sports truffle mayo, some great meat, gruyere cheese, and even more truffle action with a honey & onion truffle glaze. Before you start going “Truffle? Sounds like a poshburger to me”, you need to understand that truffles on a burger are a magical thing, that just needs to be tried to be understood. They just give it a special taste. Add some really nicely spiced fries, and it’s a perfect meal.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Truffles, glorious truffles

This is a great example of how a burger doesn’t have to be massive to be tasty, and how there are some great burgers to be had when venturing into “The Wasteland”, AKA “after zone 2 in London”. You just need to know where to look. And if you are looking, Meat & Shake is a good place to start. Specially if you want a milkshake with that piece of meat.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

You should see how messy the other side is!


Slimy? So runny and gooey it puts bigger burgers to shame.

Satisfying? The Truffle Shuffle will most certainly shuffle your truffle. That’s meant to be a good thing!


Meat & Shake
47 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7TR (and other locations)


Note: This is a sponsored post. What does that mean? That we were kindly offered the meal to write it. Does that make a difference? Not really, but it’s only fair to point it out. If we like what we ate, great. If we don’t… we’ll see!

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson


By Odin’s beard! Did you hear? Patty & Bun have opened a new branch, now in glamorous (OK, NOT-so-glamorous) Soho! Rejoice, everyone, for one of the best burgers in London is officially EVERYWHERE!

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

This one leaves a path of destruction

Now, that may have sounded like sarcasm, but trust me, it isn’t (maybe just a tiny bit). Their Ari Gold burger is an institution, so one would expect their other offerings to be reasonably good. They aren’t just good. They are excellent.

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Spewing its entrails

The Smokey Robinson, which happens to be even slimier than the Ari Gold, is an attack on all your burger senses. With its trademarked Smokey P&B Mayo and oodles of caramelised onions, this outstanding beauty of a burger will drip, ooze and leave a mark wherever your hands move. You’ll want to lick your hands for weeks after experiencing this winner of a hamburger.

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Pink means tasty. True story.

Is it good that Patty & Bun keeps expanding? If they keep it as tasty as it still is, we can only hope it does. I need walking distance Patty & Bun, pronto.


Slimy? Incredibly so. It’s just remarkably drippy. Where does it all ooze from!?

Satisfying? Every bite you take, every move you make, I’ll be eating you (you have to sing that)


Patty & Bun
18 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TN

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Honest Burgers – Rib Man Special


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest fight of the century, for the Slimy Yet Satisfying Heavyweight Championship (emphasis on the heavy… I’m certainly adding some kilos). On the red corner, we have Honest Burgers, with their always delicious beef and incredible chips. On the blue corner, we have The Rib Man’s perfect and delicate pork rib-meat and the (spicy as the depths of hell) Holy F**k sauce. It’s gonna be one hell of a fight, so let’s see who wins when…

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Is it weird that I think this looks cute?

Hey, what are you guys doing? You’re hugging? Awwwww. So no fighting then? Just a very tender, perfectly match hug? It’s a match made in heaven! Two of the best brands in London food (and I should know, there’s previous articles for both on this blog) get together to create this insanely delicious burger, which will make you wonder why don’t they just go ahead and merge brands, so this doesn’t remain a one-off and is added to the menu FOREVER.

Enough said, get it while supplies last. Otherwise, I guess you can always smuggle some ribs to Honest when they change the special…


Slimy? Never seen my hands shine as much as they did after this delicious monstrosity.

Satisfying?.And the winner is… ME.


Honest Burgers
4 Meard St, London W1F 0EF (and all over the UK)

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger Marylebone Fast Food

Tommi’s Burger Joint – Cheeseburger


Tommi’s Burger Joint doesn’t seem to belong in London. It feels out of place.You come in, and it has a bit of a bungalow feeling. Something you would stumble upon while walking on the beaches of a paradise island. An oasis perhaps, in the middle of Marylebone.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

A neatly packed bundle of joy!

What seems to be a chain now, with even a joint in Berlin (DAS BURGER!), hasn’t changed that much since the last time I visited. It’s the same simple but flavorful burgers, done quickly and served like, well, a fast food joint.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

Looks like a toy. A delicious toy.

Probably the coolest thing is, not only can you get a tasty Cheeseburger, but they have a full section in the restaurant called Pimp My Burger, filled with all manners of extra ingredients to add to your already stuffed sandwich. I added some caramelized onions, but they have everything from pickles to some really spicy sauces, to good old bbq dip.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

Tommi’s looks good from up close

All in all, a nice burger experience, with a hefty serving of fries. What more can you ask for? A milkshake. But you can get one of those as well…


Slimy? Of course, but it holds together quite nicely

Satisfying? A good, simple, and tasty burger, for good, simple and tasty people


Tommi’s Burger Joint
30 Thayer St., London W1U 2QP

2015-12-31 Burgista Bros - BBQ Burger Baker Street food fast

Burgista Bros – BBQ Burger

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I have many brothers. Actual, living brothers. Not “bro’s” or any of the sort. We do share a fascination with the art of the burger, but have never thought of opening a burger chain. But if we had, I guess Burgista Bros wouldn’t be a bad name.

2015-12-31 Burgista Bros - BBQ Burger Baker Street food fast

Kind of looks like a clamshell. A delicious clamshell.

Which is how I can only assume this recently started hamburger franchise began. Having opened their second shop in Baker St (right in the middle of Tourist London, a stone’s throw from Madame Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes nonsense), the “Bros” make some fine burgers. My choice, the BBQ Burger, comes with some great homemade BBQ sauce and was ready quick enough for me to get back to work a few tube stations away and not be screamed at by my boss (yes, I travel on my lunch breaks in search of good food. No, that is not weird).

So I guess that name is taken. Me and my own bros will have to settle with something else. Like Super Burger Bros. That’s not taken… yet…


Slimy? Oozing with BBQ sauce, but since it’s conveniently packaged, you won’t lose a single drop

Satisfying? A fine burger alternative to the already bustling Central London burger scene


Burgista Bros
195 Baker Street, London NW1 6UY

Meat Liquour – Green Chili Cheeseburger

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My last visit to MEATliquour (trust me, I’ve been many times before), at their newest London branch in Islington, went a bit like this: go in, look at the burger menu, ponder for a bit, pretend I’m a macho man and order the Green Chili Cheeseburger thinking how spicy can it possibly be, drink a beer, chat a little, see a beautiful tray with burgers and some Hippie Fries, have some fries, think those are some damn good fries but I’m here for the burger, grab the sleazy greasy and nasty burger, take a bite, this is great, tastes delicious, go in for another bite, chili kicks in and OH MY LORD THIS IS INSANELY SPICY BUT IT’S SO GOOD I WANT ANOTHER BITE, so I go for another bite, chili kicks in again THIS IS PURE PAIN I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, but I can since it’s absolutely magnificent…

So spicy you'll see double... Meat Liquour - Green Chili Cheeseburger Spicy Burger

So spicy you’ll see double…

So goes the tale. Rinse and repeat until there’s no burger left, and two or three beers have passed, helping you withstand the fieriness of this burger cooked in the very pits of hell. It has all the classic ingredients: lettuce, cheese, pickles, mustard, but it’s the spicy chilli butter that puts this burger in a different level. A very, very spicy level.

So try if you must, and feel brave enough. Just make sure you have some Hippie Fries (with magical hippie sauce) next to it to counter the hotness. You’ll thank me later. If you survive…


Slimy? Messy as they come, you wont even have time to worry about the mess you’re making when the chili comes for you

Satisfying? Holy crap this is spicy! But it tastes so good that you’ll be going like “bring on the painnnnn”


MEATliquor N1
133b Upper Street, London N1 1QP (and other locations in London)


Seeing double rocks!

Bleecker St. – Double Cheeseburger

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Always go for twice as much. It’s an old Chinese proverb (not really). If you ever have the option to go bigger, you should. So when I’m faced with the impossibly obvious decision of whether I’m having a cheeseburger or a Double Cheeseburger, you can bet your bum that I’ll be seeing double when the food comes.

Bleecker St. have been running food carts and stalls in many places, but it had somehow eluded my palate until last weekend. While wrestling the hordes of confused tourists at Old Spitalfields Market (“let’s go back to Covent Garden”), burger time came along. To be honest, it always is burger time. But this time it was serious. So serious, in fact, that I went big. Double big.

Seeing double rocks! Bleecker St. - Double Cheeseburger

Seeing double rocks!

Packing two massive, medium rare patties, plus burger sauce and some veggies, this was one flavourful and seriously dirty hamburger. Double the flavour, double the dirty. Double EVERYTHING.

So what happens now? I’ve only been once and loved it, so not to be charged with hypocrisy, I’ll have to follow the “path of the double” and come back for more…

Slimy? Double the slimy. DOUBLE.

Satisfying? Double the satisfying as well. DOUBLE.


Bleecker St.
Old Spitalfields Market, London, Greater London, E1 6EA

Patty and Bun – Ari Gold Cheeseburger

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Upon first moving to London all those years ago (three to be precise), there were lots of hunts going on in my life. The jobhunt for that perfect job, flathunt for that perfect flat (something that doesn’t exist in this city) and the ever more important burgerhunt for London’s best burger.

Many places came and went, from big chains to small locales to random popups. But one stood king, and became embedded in my head. One specific burger so deliciously crafted that it deserved every ounce of praise the internets gave it.

Such is the magnificence of the Ari Gold Cheeseburger, from the masterminds at Patty & Bun. Named after the only character that matters on HBO’s Entourage, this tour de force of a burger hits all my burger senses in the right ways.

It's bleeding cheese! Patty and Bun - Ari Gold Cheeseburger

It’s bleeding cheese!

Seriously. Just look at how cheesy it looks. Though the picture is not my finest moment as a photographer, take my word for it. When I tried it for the first time, it was only a small joint in James Street. Now years later, Patty & Bun is a full blown burger chain, but its special flavor remains. As cramped as their Liverpool St. location is, the Ari Gold is still one of the most delightfully nasty and delicious burgers in the world.

Slimy? Incredibly so. That’s what makes it perfect.

Satisfying? A crowning achievement in burger technology. Try it once, come back many times.


Patty & Bun
22-23 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7PD

National Burger Day 2015 Special Report

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Some people celebrate birthdays. Some people celebrate anniversaries. I believe in a much more relevant kind of day. One that is important for us all (and if it isn’t, it should be). I’m talking about National Burger Day. The most important day of the year. By far.

Started a few years back by those maniacs over at Mr. Hyde, it’s a celebration of all things burger. And each year, they host a party, with some of the greatest, craziest burgers in London in the same place, at the same time. And with some help from Big Eater, what a party they threw!

18 burger stands. All different, new burgers for the raving citizens of London to try. Of course I had to be in on the action. So yesterday I went over to Street Feast at Dalston Yard, and commenced the Battle of the Burgers (which will be the name of a blog should I ever start a burger specific blog). Me against as many burgers as I can buy without going over £30 (because spending over £30 on burgers would be an entirely different kind of insanity).

Without further ado, the six burgers I tried, in the order I tried them (no point in choosing the best in a sea of champions, right?):

Burger #1: Smokestak‘s US vs UK

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Smokestak US v UK

It’s looking straight into my soul…

Slimy? Very much so. This baby had a beef patty AND beef brisket on top. Good luck holding it together.

Satisfying? As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as too much meat. But this one comes close!


Burger #2: Dirtyburger‘s Little Piggy

So small and powerful... National Burger Day 2015 Dirtyburger

So small and powerful…

Slimy? Fun story: I had the first one they served, and they asked me if a photographer could take a picture. Thing is, they couldn’t keep it standing straight!

Satisfying? Oh so very much. This one had a pork burger plus some black pudding. A delightful mess!


Burger #3: Nanban‘s Sasebo Stamina Slider

2015-08-27 National Burger Day 2015 Nanban Sasebo Stamina Slider

Just look at how that cheese drips…

Slimy? This patty and pork belly monster had mayo, gochujang (what?) burger sauce and a very melty cheese, so no amount of napkins was enough after the act

Satisfying? Delectable. Still not entirely sure what I ate, but it sure was magnificent.


Burger #4: PYT Burger‘s Pickleback Slider

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips! National Burger Day 2015 PYT Burger

Fried pickle chips! Fried pickle chips!

Slimy? The only one from across the pond, this US bound burger stands aside with it’s fried pickle chips. Yes. Fried pickles. Enough said.

Satisfying? Why are we not frying all our vegetables? I say a change in the constitution should be made after this glorious tasty burger.


Burger #5: Lucky Chip‘s Donald Trump Burger

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company. National Burger Day 2015

Contrary to belief, Lucky Chip is a UK company

Slimy? Like the man himself, Donald Trump, this is one sleazy burger, starring a very gooey vanilla BBQ sauce.

Satisfying? Who put vanilla on my BBQ?! And please, could you do it again?!


Burger #6: Chai Ki by Roti Chai‘s Toddy Shop Slider

Looks like a donut. It's not a donut. National Burger Day 2015 Roti Chai

Looks like a donut. It’s not a donut.

Slimy? Another one with strange sounding ingredients (kasundi mustard?), as slimy as the rest of them.

Satisfying? Nothing like an exotic concoction to end the night. Or was it day? I must have lost track of time…


And that’s how it ends. Six burgers in, and I’m not entirely sure how I am still breathing. It’s been 12 hours since the last burger, and I’m still alive. Though if I die this weekend, the cause of death will be pretty clear. Should that happen, at least I’ve already been to burger heaven…

Bun & Bar – B&B Cheeseburger

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The Cheeseburger. A classic. So many other options on a menu but I keep coming back to simpler times. Times where a good slice of cheese was the only thing that mattered on a burger, and not jalapeño pesto or crab meat infusions and whatever they are adding to burgers in hipster-town nowadays.

Sometimes all a burger needs is a perfectly cooked meat and a good slice of american cheese. And that’s pretty much what you get when you order the B&B Cheeseburger at Bun & Bar. Well, that and a ginormous mountain of chips. Very good chips at that. But enough about the chips. The very, very addictive chips. Damn those chips!

Bun & Bar - B&B Cheeseburger

And the burger stood upon its chips kingdom…

The burger comes also with ketchup and smokey mayo, but it’s such a simple choice that it all rests on the meat and the cheese. And it tasted good. Not only that, but it held very well, with very little falling on the side, making for a non messy (yet still messy, it is a burger after all) experience. Couple that with a cool place and a good beer selection, and you got a winner in burger land.

Also, did I mention the chips? Cause man, those chips are like, unrealistically addictive. So addictive, in fact, that I almost made this post about the chips.

Slimy? Just the perfect amount of slimyness. I still had to wash my hands afterwards, though, which is a good sign in any burger.
Satisfying? Deliciously crafted and very simple burger. Also, chips. VERY good chips.
Bun & Bar
553 Green Lanes, N8 0RL London