Voodoo Ray’s – Pizza


You know how, when you’re a kid, and you enter a candy store, the first thing you do is go by the counter, put your face as close to the glass as you can, and silently ponder which delight you’re going to choose?

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style

That’s exactly how my adult persona behaves when I go to Voodoo Ray’s. So many styles, so many slices, how can I possibly choose? With such an incredible selection of pizzas, and with slices as big as they can be made, this is one place where you can go hungry.

Now, I wish I could remember which slices I chose. Truth is, I have no idea. They were so fascinating, that my memory was blocked instantly. That, or I just forgot to write them down. Either way: Voodoo Ray’s rocks.

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style

pizza voodoo ray's dalston north london ny style


Slimy? You’ll need both hands to hold these slices. Massive, and very drippy.

Satisfying? Feel like a kid in a candy store, only old and with adult problems.


Voodoo Ray’s
95 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB

the frenchie bistro elephant and castle london food chips raclette cheese

The Frenchie Bistro – Duck Fat Chips with Raclette Cheese

Hall of Slime

Fulfilling the old adage that “everything goes better with cheese”, the super fancy Duck Fat Chips from the super trendy The Frenchie Bistro in the super cool container park at The Artworks Elephant in Elephant and Castle sure are a super treat.

2016-08-11 The Frenchie Bistro - Duck Fat Chips (3) (Large)

Frying chips is an art. Frying them in duck fat is nothing short of a masterpiece. That would be enough, but covering them with cheese would surely add to the experience, right? What if that cheese wasn’t ordinary cheese, but sumptuous Raclette cheese, melting around the already delicious chips?

2016-08-11 The Frenchie Bistro - Duck Fat Chips (2) (Large)the frenchie bistro elephant and castle london food chips raclette cheese

Well, that’s what you’re getting here. Simple. Genius. Cheesy. Delicious. Try to go back to regular chips after this. I dare you.


Slimy? Yes, you read duck fat and cheese in the same sentence. Very nasty, very yummy

Satisfying? How can I ever go back to regular chips? Only by being drunk I suppose…


The Frenchie Bistro
The Artworks Elephant, Unit 8, Elephant Rd, London SE17 1AY

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

Liberty Cheesesteak Company – Philly Cheesesteak

Hall of Slime

The United States of America. Land of the free and American dream. And what could be more freeing that being able to add anything to your food, no matter how disgusting it might sound at first.

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

Squeeze for cheese

The Philly Cheesesteak is a bonafide classic. But there’s two camps where Philly Cheesesteaks go: the normal cheese camp, and the Cheese Whiz one. The one served by the US import gang from Liberty Cheesesteak Company is certainly the latter. They have a melting pot full of gooey, slightly orange and most certainly toxic (in a good way) Liberty Wiz, their own secret recipe. And it’s as fantastic as it sounds. Or, dare I say it, “liberating”.

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

A very yellow SUBmarine!

Couple it with some deliciously cooked steak, some onions and mushrooms because, you know, veggies are healthy, and if you go for the whole sandwich, as I obviously did, you get one massive and addictive sandwich.

Feels good to be free, doesn’t it? And there certainly is no better freedom than the one that comes with oodles of melty cheese.


Slimy? Just look up what Cheese Whiz really is and judge for yourself.

Satisfying? The American cheese IS the American dream.


Liberty Cheesesteak Company
At Spitafields Market and other markets around London (check website for current location)

Arancini Brothers – Lemon Chicken with Arancini Balls Wrap


Let’s talk about balls. Not enough people talk about balls, and I feel we should talk about balls more often. There’s nothing wrong with balls, let alone with eating balls. Eating balls should not be frowned upon, and I’m proud to eat balls.

Arancini balls, that is. Balls made of rice and bread crumbs, stuffed with cheese and then fried. These can be had on their own with dips, or inside of a wrap. Because you can put anything on a wrap. I once put spaghetti on a wrap. True story.

And that’s the specialty at Arancini Brothers, a nice spot in Camden. They serve balls. And I had my balls with some lemon chicken, some salad for good measure (or “healthy balance” as I would put it) and covered in a massive wrap.

That messy cheesy thing at the bottom is a pre-chewed ball. Arancini Brothers - Lemon Chicken with Arancini Balls Wrap

That messy cheesy thing at the bottom is a pre-chewed ball

So how does it feel? Well, you bite and it feels like any other chicken wrap, until OH MY LORD CHEESY GOODNESS kicks in, when you suddenly chew on one of these mighty cheeseballs. They are so flavorful and full of cheesiness that it makes them impossible to resist, and thankfully there’s plenty balls in each wrap to replicate that feeling over and over.

Maybe next time I’ll have them separately. Balls and nothing else. But wrapping balls certainly works. For now, it has given me an excuse to use the word balls 18 times. And that is indeed a good cause.

Slimy? Balls filled with cheese and then fried. Slimyness is self explanatory.

Satisfying? A flavour explosion comes with every bite of those gooey balls.


Arancini Brothers
115 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8PB


Pacific Social Club – Chorizo and Manchego Toastie


You might not know this about me, but I’m not from the UK. I’m originally from [insert secret country] in South America. So yeah, I could write this whole piece in Spanish. But I choose not to. Because, chances are you, my fellow reader, would not understand any of it. And I want you to understand. Because I love you, dear reader. Te amo!

So it’s a given that I’m fascinated by all things Spanish. Including Spanish meals at non Spanish locations. Like this incredibly succulent, Spanish inspired sandwich I had at Pacific Social Club, somewhere in Hackney. Maravilloso!

In this quaint and quirky little coffee shop in Hackney, they serve all kinds of delicious treats (including a peculiar take on ice coffee, the Horchata Iced Coffee), but of course my latino self had to go for the Chorizo and Manchego Toastie. Sporting some fine chorizo and delicious queso Manchego, coupled with some red peppers, almonds and “hot secret sauce” (I’m always suspicious about these secret sauces. Why so much secrecy? Is there like a secret sauce Interpol making sure these are kept secret?), this is one fine sandwich. Delicioso!

Viva the sea of red chorizo. Pacific Social Club - Chorizo and Manchego Toastie

Viva the sea of red chorizo

I don’t have to hide my fascination with queso, but this toastie was the kind of realization that makes me wonder why on earth am I in London and not anywhere in Spain. Then I remember the economy and I forget about it, but still, what a deliciously crafted sandwich. Just spicy enough, with great, non LIDL chorizo (fun fact: the “Spanish Chorizo” from LIDL is not made in Spain) and just a perfect blend of flavours. Fantastico!

So go Hackney bound, and stop by the Club. You will be speaking in Spanish in no time. Adios!

Slimy? El sandwich es mucho, mucho slimy. Mucho, mucho bueno! (bad Spanish is on purpose)

Satisfying? Arriba! Arriba! Mucho sabor! (terrible Spanish is greatly exaggerated)


Pacific Social Club
8 Clarence Rd., London, E5 8HB

Melt Room – Pastrami Melt


We all love grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re so easy to make at home, and such a market delight. So why not have a restaurant that ONLY does melts? This is what the crazy folks at Melt Room have done. They have a menu comprised of sandwiches with unusual ingredients, and, most importantly, oodles of cheese.

Somewhere in Soho (you can tell if you are close by just by the strong cheesy smell), this small sandwich joint churns out one gooey sandwich after the next. I tried two of them, but will only write about one (only one of them was worthy. The lamb shoulder one… not so much). The Pastrami melt, packing mushrooms, horseradish red leicestershire cheese, was, of course, very cheesy. So cheesy in fact, that it outcheeses most of the other cheese melts I’ve had.

Say CHEESE!!! Melt Room - Pastrami Melt Sandwich


That’s what’s so cool about this place. It’s all about the cheese. All sandwiches come with a specific type, tailored to the flavours that accompany said cheese. Way to make me want to come back and try them all!

If you like cheese, you’ll probably like Melt Room. If you don’t, well, you’re in the wrong blog, mate. Get out. Now.

Slimy? I still smell like cheese. That’s not so bad. Maybe the ladies will like it. Maybe not. I’ll take my chances.
Satisfying? No such thing as too much cheese. And this has loads. All hail the cheese!


Melt Room
26 Noel street, London, W1F 8GY

Monty’s Deli – The Reuben



Ah, The Reuben. The staple of Jewish deli’s all over the world. A sandwich so famous, it’s named as if it was a person. And a biblical person at that. Reuben, who was the least dickish of Jacob’s sons (still a dick though, as he still was part of throwing Benjamin into a well), got his name into a sandwich, which usually has cheese, mustard, sauerkraut and LOADS of pastrami.

Being mostly a New York staple, the fact that any place in London sells a Reuben is a call for celebration. The fact that it’s this good and glorious is just icing on the sandwich (icing on a sandwich sounds oddly intriguing… should try that soon).

Pastrami here, pastrami there, pastrami EVERYWHERE. Monty's Deli - The Reuben

Pastrami here, pastrami there, pastrami EVERYWHERE

This sandwich is big. And that’s the regular version up there. There’s an even bigger one (and one crazy sounding sandwich called Meshuggener which even I think is a terrible idea, it has pastrami AND salt beef combined). It’s such a complex mix of flavours, that it’ll make a believer out of anyone. This is the kind of meal that can get people closer to religion, so I’m curious as to why it’s not served on every synagogue in the world (might have something to do with it being so un-kosher, mixing cheese and cheese).

Approach with an empty stomach, and with no vegans in your company. They will most likely be offended.

Slimy? You betcha. The bread is thin enough that the greasy ingredients will go through it, and impregnate your skin (and your soul)

Satisfying? Whoever mixed these ingredients in a sandwich should be regarded as the true saviour


Monty’s Deli
Maltby Street Market

Kappacasein – Raclette


In the tourist packed nightmare that is Borough Market, there’s a long line of stalls, serving all sorts of exotic cuisines. Right in the north west corner, there’s the mother of all queues, and for good reason. As here’s is where Kappacasein, the masters of the rolling cheese, reside.

You probably can't tell. But there are potatoes under that cheese. Kappacasein - Raclette Potatoes

You probably can’t tell. But there are potatoes under that cheese.

See, their specialty is the Raclette, which consists on rolling a big, round cheese and facing it towards a strong fiery grill, so it melts layer by layer. Then, the said masters will scrape the layer of gooey, sticky cheese onto some delicious potatoes, creating this delicious offering to the food gods.The sole sight of this magnificently gross dish troubles me. It certainly looks, well, awful. Oozing oil, and sporting more calories than my last seven trips to McDonald’s (don’t judge me, I only get Bic Macs in case of emergency), this will certainly satisfy you for weeks on end. And it’s well worth queuing up for. It might even be worth dying for, if it wasn’t for the fact that you probably will want to come back again and have it once more.

Slimy? Certainly. It is one disgusting dish. It is so intense that just finishing it will prove your worth. But you will finish it. Because you must.

Satisfying? Let’s just say after the first bite, I wish my bed was made of a recently melted mixture of cheeses. Also my shower. I’d love to bathe in that cheese.


Borough Market