Burger and Beyond – Double Cheeseburger


A good popup is defined by both the place where it sets up at as to the quality of its food. Such is the case most of the times.

But in the burger world, things are a bit different. For a burger popup is defined by the taste of its patty, ingredients and buns. So even if Camden’s Daughter in Kentish Town isn’t a fantastic pub per se (average beer selection if you ask me), a trip to it is a must solely by the true delight that are Burger and Beyond‘s cheeseburgers.

A simple menu leaves little choice but to go do double, and double is indeed the flavour punch this nasty hamburger packs. Whilst you can get Burger and Beyond burgers’ at other locations, at the brink of Kentish Town it seems to thrive, right by all the hipster coffee bars and expensive surroundings.

Delicious cheese, soft buns and two glorious, jucylicious meat patties make this the best burger I’ve had all year. Considering we are only in May, I say to the other burgers around town: bring it on.

Slimy? Sweet cheezus, this is a filthy burger

Satisfying? It goes well beyond satisfying


Burger and Beyond

burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

Slow Richies – The Beef


Going to Peckham just for a burger would be considered insane by many. But it all comes down to the burger, doesn’t it? After all, we all know that the best things in life lie north of the Thames (true story) but can a great, delicious and succulent burger exist in a hipster dominated place such as Peckham?

burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

It can. Introducing Slow Richie’s and their sumptuous burgers. I tried The Beef, which in a complete coincidence is beef based, but also comes with some pork belly, cheddar and weird dressing. It’s as filthy as that sounds. Which in our playbook means it’s an incredible achievement in burger making.

burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

The fact that it’s currently based within a brewery is just the cherry on top. Great craft beer + nasty burgers = who’s buyin’?


Slimy? Oh yes so very slimy. But they got kitchen rolls. Lots.

Satisfying? Remarkably so. These burgers deserve a restaurant. Or at least a stall up north.


Slow Richies
Brick Brewery. Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QL

boom burger bacon jam cheeseburger west london portobello road

Boom Burger – Boom Burger


Just two words. Bacon jam. This piece could end right there and if that’s not enough to convince you to try Boom Burger’s signature burger, then nothing will.

boom burger bacon jam cheeseburger west london portobello road

A deliciously cooked patty, covered in cheese (seriously, it’s COVERED in cheese) and topped with this surely magical and potentially deadly baconized jam, the Boom Burger is exactly what it name implies: an explosion of flavour.

boom burger bacon jam cheeseburger west london portobello road

So brave the crowds. Go past the Portobello Road tourons (tourists+morons=tourons). You won’t find peace at Boom Burger. But you will find satisfaction.


Slimy? COVERED in cheese. Yes.

Satisfying? This is one boombastic burger.


Boom Burger
272 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TZ

Hache Burgers - Steak les Triomphes des Truffes burger french truffles camden

Haché Burgers – Steak le Triomphe des Truffes


It’s a known fact that adding french words makes anything sound more intellectual. “Le London”. “La joyeux restaurant”. I mean, I could call this blog something as simple as “Le Blog” and I bet I would double my audience (which, as of now, is still just my mom and a whole bunch of Russians, for no apparent reason).

Hache Burgers - Steak les Triomphes des Truffes burger french truffles camden

Ciabatta makes anything fancier

But when someone does it on a burger, well, they better mean business. Because you don’t call a burger something as sophisticated sounding as Steak le Triomphe des Truffes, unless it is, indeed, a very sophisticated burger. Thankfully, in the case of Haché Burgers, the sophistication is guaranteed.

Hache Burgers - Steak les Triomphes des Truffes burger french truffles camden

Touch the truffles!

This fancy schmancy burger comes with truffled Gruyère cheese and glaze (I’ve already expressed my adulation to truffle burgers before). It is a burger for the seasoned burger lover. The one who wants to get his hands dirty, but dirty with expensive sounding ingredients. I wouldn’t be surprised if Haché released a burger with caviar one of these days.

Hache Burgers - Steak les Triomphes des Truffes burger french truffles camden

Truffles from above

But until then, truffles will do. Plus, you can order it with ciabatta bread. Fancier than imaginable.


Slimy? That truffled glaze is as slippery as they come.

Satisfying? Thankfully, the glaze is fingerlickingly good, and so is this outstanding burger.


Haché Burgers
24 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Meat and Shake – Truffle Shuffle Burger

Burgertown, Sponsored

My parents always said “everything gets mixed in the stomach anyways” when we tried to keep veggies as far away from the “good stuff” as we could. That very same feeling rings now more true than ever as Meat & Shake has made me appreciate the art that is having a Burger with a Milkshake as your drink. Dessert and main, combined.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Perfect for downing burgers

No alcohol in the menu? No problem. You get deliciously creamy milkshakes, like the Oreo Milkshake I got early on, to help you bring the upcoming burger down your digestive system. I struggled not to drink it straight away. Go ahead and try to stop drinking a milkshake halfway. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Partners in crime

But thankfully, I did save some, as it would certainly be needed once the mighty Truffle Shuffle came along. A beauty of a burger if I say so myself, it sports truffle mayo, some great meat, gruyere cheese, and even more truffle action with a honey & onion truffle glaze. Before you start going “Truffle? Sounds like a poshburger to me”, you need to understand that truffles on a burger are a magical thing, that just needs to be tried to be understood. They just give it a special taste. Add some really nicely spiced fries, and it’s a perfect meal.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

Truffles, glorious truffles

This is a great example of how a burger doesn’t have to be massive to be tasty, and how there are some great burgers to be had when venturing into “The Wasteland”, AKA “after zone 2 in London”. You just need to know where to look. And if you are looking, Meat & Shake is a good place to start. Specially if you want a milkshake with that piece of meat.

Meat and Shake - Truffle Shuffle burger tooting oreo milkshake

You should see how messy the other side is!


Slimy? So runny and gooey it puts bigger burgers to shame.

Satisfying? The Truffle Shuffle will most certainly shuffle your truffle. That’s meant to be a good thing!


Meat & Shake
47 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7TR (and other locations)


Note: This is a sponsored post. What does that mean? That we were kindly offered the meal to write it. Does that make a difference? Not really, but it’s only fair to point it out. If we like what we ate, great. If we don’t… we’ll see!

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson


By Odin’s beard! Did you hear? Patty & Bun have opened a new branch, now in glamorous (OK, NOT-so-glamorous) Soho! Rejoice, everyone, for one of the best burgers in London is officially EVERYWHERE!

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

This one leaves a path of destruction

Now, that may have sounded like sarcasm, but trust me, it isn’t (maybe just a tiny bit). Their Ari Gold burger is an institution, so one would expect their other offerings to be reasonably good. They aren’t just good. They are excellent.

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Spewing its entrails

The Smokey Robinson, which happens to be even slimier than the Ari Gold, is an attack on all your burger senses. With its trademarked Smokey P&B Mayo and oodles of caramelised onions, this outstanding beauty of a burger will drip, ooze and leave a mark wherever your hands move. You’ll want to lick your hands for weeks after experiencing this winner of a hamburger.

Patty and Bun – Smokey Robinson burger cheeseburger soho food

Pink means tasty. True story.

Is it good that Patty & Bun keeps expanding? If they keep it as tasty as it still is, we can only hope it does. I need walking distance Patty & Bun, pronto.


Slimy? Incredibly so. It’s just remarkably drippy. Where does it all ooze from!?

Satisfying? Every bite you take, every move you make, I’ll be eating you (you have to sing that)


Patty & Bun
18 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TN

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Honest Burgers – Rib Man Special


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest fight of the century, for the Slimy Yet Satisfying Heavyweight Championship (emphasis on the heavy… I’m certainly adding some kilos). On the red corner, we have Honest Burgers, with their always delicious beef and incredible chips. On the blue corner, we have The Rib Man’s perfect and delicate pork rib-meat and the (spicy as the depths of hell) Holy F**k sauce. It’s gonna be one hell of a fight, so let’s see who wins when…

Honest Burgers - Rib Man Special pork rib burger cheeseburger the rib man

Is it weird that I think this looks cute?

Hey, what are you guys doing? You’re hugging? Awwwww. So no fighting then? Just a very tender, perfectly match hug? It’s a match made in heaven! Two of the best brands in London food (and I should know, there’s previous articles for both on this blog) get together to create this insanely delicious burger, which will make you wonder why don’t they just go ahead and merge brands, so this doesn’t remain a one-off and is added to the menu FOREVER.

Enough said, get it while supplies last. Otherwise, I guess you can always smuggle some ribs to Honest when they change the special…


Slimy? Never seen my hands shine as much as they did after this delicious monstrosity.

Satisfying?.And the winner is… ME.


Honest Burgers
4 Meard St, London W1F 0EF (and all over the UK)

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger Marylebone Fast Food

Tommi’s Burger Joint – Cheeseburger


Tommi’s Burger Joint doesn’t seem to belong in London. It feels out of place.You come in, and it has a bit of a bungalow feeling. Something you would stumble upon while walking on the beaches of a paradise island. An oasis perhaps, in the middle of Marylebone.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

A neatly packed bundle of joy!

What seems to be a chain now, with even a joint in Berlin (DAS BURGER!), hasn’t changed that much since the last time I visited. It’s the same simple but flavorful burgers, done quickly and served like, well, a fast food joint.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

Looks like a toy. A delicious toy.

Probably the coolest thing is, not only can you get a tasty Cheeseburger, but they have a full section in the restaurant called Pimp My Burger, filled with all manners of extra ingredients to add to your already stuffed sandwich. I added some caramelized onions, but they have everything from pickles to some really spicy sauces, to good old bbq dip.

Tommi’s Burger Joint - Cheeseburger  Marylebone Fast Food

Tommi’s looks good from up close

All in all, a nice burger experience, with a hefty serving of fries. What more can you ask for? A milkshake. But you can get one of those as well…


Slimy? Of course, but it holds together quite nicely

Satisfying? A good, simple, and tasty burger, for good, simple and tasty people


Tommi’s Burger Joint
30 Thayer St., London W1U 2QP

Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar

Chick N’ Sours – Bun


I received a map last year. A treasure map, if you will. Given to me at the last National Burger Day by the cool guys from PYT Burger, who were visiting London and trying its cuisine. They told me something akin to “We have tried some great stuff, but nothing has been greater than THE TOWER OF CHICKEN”. Intrigued, I waited for the right time to find out what exactly they meant.

X marked the spot. And the spot was Chick N’ Sours. Nothing, and I really do mean nothing, could have prepared me for what I very naively thought was just a regular fried chicken burger. Upon ordering the simply named Bun, the waiter looks at me with a wary stare, almost as if asking: “Are you sure?”. Of course I’m sure. I travelled the seas in search for this mythical Tower.

Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar


And then it comes. This thing is so tall and majestic, you can spot it from miles away. With a humongous piece of Korean fried chicken, some special mayo, slaw and chilli vinegar, this Tower of a sandwich can scare any of the lesser mortals. But not me. For this burger is as ridiculous as it is flavorful. And messy. Incredibly messy. In the best of ways.

Chick N' Sours - Bun Fried Chicken Burger Chilli Vinegar

Chicken doing evasive maneuvers

So if you’re interested in following the map, this is me spreading the secret. Find the X. Find the Tower. Find salvation in chicken.


Slimy? After I finished, they brought me some baby wipes to clean myself up. I must have looked reaaaaaally sexy.

Satisfying? Once you reach the top of the Tower, you’ll be desperate to climb the next one. It’s that good.


Chick N’ Sours
390 Kingsland Rd, London E8 2AA

Autograf Grill – Polish Burger


I’m a bad loser. I always remember when I lost, and never forgive myself. Specially when it comes to eating ridiculously sized dishes. Like last time I visited Autograf Grill, and failed to finish their Honey Pork Ribs. I felt empty for weeks.

So I’ve come back. This time, with a taste for vengeance. And a taste for burger. Big, motherflippin’ burgers. Since it’s a polish restaurant, I had to go for the Polish Burger, which, unlike most of your typical burgers, is made with minced pork.

It's really heavy as well. Can be used as a doorstop. Autograf Grill - Polish pork Burger

It’s really heavy as well. Can be used as a doorstop

It has other ingredients, sure, but just look at that patty. Look at the size, the majesty, the enormity. Every bite felt like my jaw was breaking as to how big a bite I had to take. But one bite at a time, and each one as richly delicious as the one before, I conquered this beast of a burger.

Sure, afterwards I felt as full as I’ll ever be. And then I went to see the new Star Wars to the cinema, which meant bad news to the people sitting next to me. But I’ll always remember that day. For it was the day I conquered my demons, and finished a meal at Autograf Grill. And yeah, for Star Wars as well. Good day indeed.


Slimy? You probably need a third hand to properly hold this beast of a burger. Good luck keeping everything in place!

Satisfying? A delightful monstrosity, with great polish made meat. Just make sure you’re hungry!


Autograf Grill
499 Green Lanes, London, Greater London, N4 1AL