Carioca – Favela Cantagalo

Hall of Slime

The Brazil World Cup has come and gone. The Rio Olympics have as well. So what’s left for Brazil to celebrate and show the world how great they are?

Beef. Mountains of it. Pulled beef to be precise. Like the beef featured on the ginormous Favela Cantagalo, a towering, mouthwatering dish prepared by the Brazillian cuisine experts at Carioca. Located in the heart of Brixton Village (or Market, who knows really), this is a daunting insight into Latin American flavours.

Delicate pulled beef, cabbage and other veggies, all topped with banana and “things I don’t understand” like cassava, this “thing” might not make much sense upon first sight, but trust me, it’s an absolutely perfect mix of a dish.

So turns out that while Brazil might not have any more soon to come sporting events, maybe they should be looking into competitive eating. If they do, sign me up, please.


Slimy? Careful with this one, it’ll crumble at first touch. Beatifully crumbly.

Satisfying? Each bite packs a hearty punch of delicious Brazilian identity. Come hungry!


25-27 Market Row, London SW9 8LB

Bamboula - Curried Goat curry goat jamaican plantain rice and peas

Bamboula – Curried Goat

Hall of Slime

I went to Jamaica with my family when I was about 14 years old. We stayed in an all inclusive, but every now and then we would go out and explore the city. The moment I remember most vividly is when a villager offered to sell me some marijuana. Not only was it the first time I had ever been offered a drug transaction (or drugs for that matter), but it was also shocking considering I still thought I was a child. I guess I was wrong.

Of course I didn’t go through with said purchase, but things would’ve gone a different way if instead of weed, I was offered Curried Goat like the one I had at Bamboula in Brixton. With a distinct smell you could trace from far away, and with a beautiful presentation, this gooey goat was delightful. With some rice and peas, and some plantain on the side, this is the sort of thing I get addicted to.

Bamboula - Curried Goat curry goat jamaican plantain rice and peas

Quality AND quantity!

So yeah. I’m addicted to jamaican food. It was Jerk Chicken a few weeks ago, and now this. I’ll either have to go to rehab soon, or I’ll just have to move to Brixton…


Slimy? I mixed everything right away, so hell yeah!

Satisfying? Now I want EVERYTHING curried


12 Acre Lane, London SW2 5SG

Negril – Jerk Chicken

Hall of Slime

Ahh… the Caribbean. The breeze, the beach, the crystal blue sea. All those add to the allure of the region. But one thing stands above all else when it comes to true, Jamaican roots, and that is Jerk Chicken.

It’s no wonder that Brixton serves the best Jerk cuisine in London, but it’s always great to stumble into a place that’s not in the Brixton Village, but that is equally good, if not better, than anything else over there. A few blocks away from the tube, you’ll find Negril, a small, family run (or at least it looks family run) joint, serving all sorts of Jamaican fare.

Negril – Jerk Chicken Jamaican food Brixton

Just pick it up and give it all a nice, gravy bath

But stop looking at that menu and just get the chicken. Specially if you’re hungry. You’ll get as much Jerk Chicken as you need (that’s half on the picture, because I’m a beast), with two sides (plantains and rice for me!) and some of the greatest sauces to bathe that bird in. Just one look at the reflective coating the gravy will give your chicken will make you as relaxed as a Jamaican would be when doing… pretty much anything. Add some BBQ and some really spicy sauce on the side, and this dish is a winner.

So as much as I still probably believe that Cool Runnings is the most Jamaican thing outside of Jamaica, Negril happily shares that first spot on the list.


Slimy? So many sauces. You’ll pour them all in at the same time. And you will chillll

Satisfying? You’ll need a hammock after this meal. That’s how good (and full!) it’ll make you feel


132 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RS

Mama’s Jerk – Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings


There’s just something about chicken wings, you know? They have this irresistible quality that, upon gazing on a new set of recently served chicken, one must dive in, with little regard of how one will look while doing it. Watching someone eat wings is disgusting by all accounts, and as much as we can feel people watching us while gorging on these little bits of bird, we… can’t stop ourselves.

Back at Pop Brixton for a second helping (last time wasn’t enough), it was time to try Brixton’s specialty cooking style, jerk. Mama’s Jerk to the rescue, with their incredibly tender, Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings.

The Winged Mountain. Mama's Jerk - Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings in Pop Brixton

The Winged Mountain

Make sure you get sorted with at least 27 napkins, as you’ll be needing them after you jump into the slippery mess that is this mountain of saucy poultry. No clue what they put on the sauce, but it’s as addictive as any other substance I’ve tried before. Plus, if you’re lucky like I was, you might get more wings than you purchased. Kind of like getting one extra McNugget in your nugget box. Only way better.

If loving jerk chicken means I’m a jerk, then I’m more than happy continuing being one.

Slimy? You’ll be licking your fingers all afternoon. And next day’s afternoon also.

Satisfying? If only it was a bottomless pit of wings. They go so fast…


Mama’s Jerk
Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

Miss P’s Barbecue – Beef Brisket Sandwich


Ahhh… Brixton. That remarkable place in South London where all the cuisines collide to create what is, in my humble opinion, some of the best (and cheapest!) food in London. Most of it in what is known as the Brixton Village, but… there’s a new contender in town.

Pop Brixton, which opened just a few months back, is a new place for startups, mostly food startups at that, made entirely out of disused containers. One such container smelled delicious, so I had no other choice but to queue at Miss P’s Barbecue. The smell of barbecue is stronger than my willpower, I’m afraid.

Many options abound, but I settled for the Beef Brisket Sandwich. Probably because it was the most expensive. Yeah, I’m a sucker, I just assume that expensive things are better. In this case, I wasn’t wrong. A deliciously shredded beef is served in a brioche bun as soft as the pillow you still hold on to since you were 4 years old, is topped with coleslaw and a selection of dangerously addictive BBQ sauce. I went straight to the danger zone by having it with both Honey Mustard BBQ and Chipotle BBQ sauces. And my, oh my…

Come to papa... Miss P’s Barbecue - Beef Brisket Sandwich

Come to papa…

I had a tough week. One bite of this juicy and “oh so dripping” with marvelous things sandwich, and I forgot about it all. I even forgot who I was for a moment there. And I thought, if the other containers at Pop Brixton have food at least half as delightful as this unreal sandwich, well, I better move to Brixton, pronto. Until then, the memory of brisket will remain just that… a memory… dammit, I’m moving tomorrow.

Slimy? BBQ dripping through fingers is the best kind of dripping. Mix two of the available sauces, and it’s like the Ghostbusters “crossing the streams”. Not recommended by the health authorities, but it’s what you must do to kill the hunger.

Satisfying? When I do move to Brixton (apparently tomorrow), I’ll get a grill before I even buy a bed. Let’s hope YouTube has good videos on how to cook anything close to this beauty…


Miss P’s Barbecue
Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8PQ