Carioca – Favela Cantagalo

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The Brazil World Cup has come and gone. The Rio Olympics have as well. So what’s left for Brazil to celebrate and show the world how great they are?

Beef. Mountains of it. Pulled beef to be precise. Like the beef featured on the ginormous Favela Cantagalo, a towering, mouthwatering dish prepared by the Brazillian cuisine experts at Carioca. Located in the heart of Brixton Village (or Market, who knows really), this is a daunting insight into Latin American flavours.

Delicate pulled beef, cabbage and other veggies, all topped with banana and “things I don’t understand” like cassava, this “thing” might not make much sense upon first sight, but trust me, it’s an absolutely perfect mix of a dish.

So turns out that while Brazil might not have any more soon to come sporting events, maybe they should be looking into competitive eating. If they do, sign me up, please.


Slimy? Careful with this one, it’ll crumble at first touch. Beatifully crumbly.

Satisfying? Each bite packs a hearty punch of delicious Brazilian identity. Come hungry!


25-27 Market Row, London SW9 8LB

Barraco - Feijoada brazilian beans london food kilburn restaurant

Barraco – Feijoada

Hall of Slime

Brazil is all over the news nowadays, isn’t it? Between an impending Zika epidemic, a not so hopeful turn at hosting the Olympics, and its president being impeached, you gotta feel sorry for the big South American country.

Barraco - Feijoada brazilian beans london food kilburn restaurant

Looks small. Isn’t small.

That is, until you try its food. Even here in London, Brazilian cuisine is a standout. And Barraco, a small and quaint place in Kilburn serves delightful plates of traditional Brazilian meals.

Take this Feijoada, for example. A stew with a mixture pork and black beans, it’s a little bowl that packs one hell of a caloric punch. But it has such an incredibly distinct taste, specially when coupled with rice, that you’ll be hopping like it’s Carnaval after just one spoonful.

Barraco - Feijoada brazilian beans london food kilburn restaurant

The steam in the picture is clearly intentional

So grab a pint of Brahma, and toast for the future of Brazil. Trust me, we want food this good to stick around forever…


Slimy? Like a curry, but Brazilian. You get the idea. Splash.

Satisfying? Beans will keep you full for hours. And yes, the people around you WILL notice afterwards.


10 Kingsgate Place, London NW6 4TA