burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

Slow Richies – The Beef


Going to Peckham just for a burger would be considered insane by many. But it all comes down to the burger, doesn’t it? After all, we all know that the best things in life lie north of the Thames (true story) but can a great, delicious and succulent burger exist in a hipster dominated place such as Peckham?

burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

It can. Introducing Slow Richie’s and their sumptuous burgers. I tried The Beef, which in a complete coincidence is beef based, but also comes with some pork belly, cheddar and weird dressing. It’s as filthy as that sounds. Which in our playbook means it’s an incredible achievement in burger making.

burger burgertown slow richies peckham south london

The fact that it’s currently based within a brewery is just the cherry on top. Great craft beer + nasty burgers = who’s buyin’?


Slimy? Oh yes so very slimy. But they got kitchen rolls. Lots.

Satisfying? Remarkably so. These burgers deserve a restaurant. Or at least a stall up north.


Slow Richies
Brick Brewery. Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QL

Carioca – Favela Cantagalo

Hall of Slime

The Brazil World Cup has come and gone. The Rio Olympics have as well. So what’s left for Brazil to celebrate and show the world how great they are?

Beef. Mountains of it. Pulled beef to be precise. Like the beef featured on the ginormous Favela Cantagalo, a towering, mouthwatering dish prepared by the Brazillian cuisine experts at Carioca. Located in the heart of Brixton Village (or Market, who knows really), this is a daunting insight into Latin American flavours.

Delicate pulled beef, cabbage and other veggies, all topped with banana and “things I don’t understand” like cassava, this “thing” might not make much sense upon first sight, but trust me, it’s an absolutely perfect mix of a dish.

So turns out that while Brazil might not have any more soon to come sporting events, maybe they should be looking into competitive eating. If they do, sign me up, please.


Slimy? Careful with this one, it’ll crumble at first touch. Beatifully crumbly.

Satisfying? Each bite packs a hearty punch of delicious Brazilian identity. Come hungry!


25-27 Market Row, London SW9 8LB

Smokestak - US Beef Brisket Bun smoked beef sandwich chillies london market

Smokestak – Beef Brisket Bun

Hall of Slime

Beef is delicious. There’s no questioning that. Be it Argentinian steak, or just a juicy burger,  it’s great in all forms. I’ve made an effort to give strange vegetarian concoctions the chance they deserve on this site, but at the end of the day, it always comes down to meat, glorious meat.

And Smokestak excels in the art of serving meat. Though this is the second time I try their magnificent cuts (first one being 2015’s National Burger Day), it feels like a reunion. A very, very happy one. In a more permanent set up at Hawker House, it’s still the same no frills food market food,  which means it’s quick and cheaper than going to an all out BBQ place. But by no means worse!

Smokestak - US Beef Brisket Bun smoked beef sandwich chillies london market

You’ll want to lick the paper afterwards

I got the Beef Brisket Bun, a sandwich which has chillies, sauce and stuff, all to glorify the most deliciously smoked US beef this side of the Atlantic. Full of flavour, tender as can be, full of joy.

Smokestak - US Beef Brisket Bun smoked beef sandwich chillies london market

The softest bite to any sandwich I’ve had…

The blissful happiness didn’t last for long, as the queue to get another one was understandably huge. All’s fair in the quest for great beef. All for more of this beef, glorious beef.


Slimy? No amount of parchment paper can keep something this good contained

Satisfying? Beef, glorious beef. Enough said.


At Hawker House and other markets.

Makatcha – Beef and Chicken Rendang

Hall of Slime

There’s so many “rice in a box with toppings” options in London markets, that it gets difficult to differentiate them. Chicken always tastes like sweet and sour chicken, and all cuisines, from Thai to Chinese to Vietnamese end up looking the same in many places.

Then you find something special. A stall called Makatcha, selling rendangan Indonesian preparation. On top of rice. And you think, “surely it will be just another lackluster sweet and sour chicken”, specially because who knows what rendang means (Wikipedia to the rescue!).

Better box than a Happy Meal. Makatcha - Beef and Chicken Rendang

Better box than a Happy Meal

But screw it, I’m a daredevil. I laugh in the face of danger (second The Lion King reference for those keeping tabs on this blog). So I ordered a mix of Beef and Chicken Rendang. Served with some rice and veggies, this is one strong flavoured, fairly spicy dish. And all I kept thinking is how incredibly delicious something that at the beginning seemed so ordinary was.

I feel truly sorry for all those random Camden market stalls selling ordinary Asian cuisine. This is the stuff of dreams, and this is what “food on top of rice” should always be. Just plain delicious.


Slimy? You can feel the oily goodness from a distance while looking at the cooking pans. This is one strong dish

Satisfying? Never will you look at market food the same way again.


Check their Twitter for location (I had it at Winterville)


Miss P’s Barbecue – Beef Brisket Sandwich


Ahhh… Brixton. That remarkable place in South London where all the cuisines collide to create what is, in my humble opinion, some of the best (and cheapest!) food in London. Most of it in what is known as the Brixton Village, but… there’s a new contender in town.

Pop Brixton, which opened just a few months back, is a new place for startups, mostly food startups at that, made entirely out of disused containers. One such container smelled delicious, so I had no other choice but to queue at Miss P’s Barbecue. The smell of barbecue is stronger than my willpower, I’m afraid.

Many options abound, but I settled for the Beef Brisket Sandwich. Probably because it was the most expensive. Yeah, I’m a sucker, I just assume that expensive things are better. In this case, I wasn’t wrong. A deliciously shredded beef is served in a brioche bun as soft as the pillow you still hold on to since you were 4 years old, is topped with coleslaw and a selection of dangerously addictive BBQ sauce. I went straight to the danger zone by having it with both Honey Mustard BBQ and Chipotle BBQ sauces. And my, oh my…

Come to papa... Miss P’s Barbecue - Beef Brisket Sandwich

Come to papa…

I had a tough week. One bite of this juicy and “oh so dripping” with marvelous things sandwich, and I forgot about it all. I even forgot who I was for a moment there. And I thought, if the other containers at Pop Brixton have food at least half as delightful as this unreal sandwich, well, I better move to Brixton, pronto. Until then, the memory of brisket will remain just that… a memory… dammit, I’m moving tomorrow.

Slimy? BBQ dripping through fingers is the best kind of dripping. Mix two of the available sauces, and it’s like the Ghostbusters “crossing the streams”. Not recommended by the health authorities, but it’s what you must do to kill the hunger.

Satisfying? When I do move to Brixton (apparently tomorrow), I’ll get a grill before I even buy a bed. Let’s hope YouTube has good videos on how to cook anything close to this beauty…


Miss P’s Barbecue
Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8PQ