smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

Smokestak – Beef Brisket

Hall of Slime

Never has so little caused as big an impact.

Brisket is, by definition, a gift from the gods, no matter where you have it. But when I ordered my beef brisket from Smokestak at a non-irrelevant £11.5, I was certainly expecting something bigger or, dare I say it, meatier.

smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

But as wise men know, size isn’t everything. Taste is. And boy does this meat taste good. Tender as can be, and full of delicious, meaty flavour, the beef brisket at Smokestak is smart to be such a small plate: it cannot realistically be shared. A good thing, since you will NOT want to share it.

smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

Coupled with some ‘mustard bbq’ sauce (Is it mustard? Is it BBQ sauce? Who cares!), and served in an ever-so-hipsterish tray, the taste will remain in your tastebuds for long. Or at least for the few seconds before you realise you desperately need to order another round.


Slimy? A slice of juicy juicy meat, with juicy juicy sauce. Slime galore.

Satisfying? Why art thou so small, you beautiful brisket thing?!?


35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB

Big Easy BBQ – The Big Pig Gig Limitless Bar.B.Q

Hall of Slime

Limitless BBQ. Yes. UNLIMITED bbq. ALL the meat you can eat.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, this is a blog. I should, like, write and stuff. But if you’re not convinced by now that you should visit Big Easy BBQ at any of their locations, and make yourself explode out of pure gluttony, then you’re clearly in the wrong place of the internet.


Basically, you show up on a Monday and £20 gets you: unlimited pulled pork, unlimited ribs, unlimited bbq chicken, unlimited french fries, unlimited coleslaw, unlimited bbq beans, unlimited coleslaw, and… one cornbread (I guess cornbread is expensive?!). You also get a beer. You can also go on the weekend, when for £30 you get that and unlimited beer.


So I suggest you find the location closest to your doctor. You’ll be giving him a call right away afterwards. At least you’ll be happy by the time you hit surgery!


Slimy? The level of slimyness is unlimited

Satisfying? Satisfaction is also unlimited


Big Easy BBQ
Crossrail Place (Level 1), Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork Combo – Bodean’s

Hall of Slime

There’s something glamorous about food served on a tray. As in, directly ON the tray. This is both an ecological and entertaining way to eat, and it gives you significantly more real estate to spread your filth and sauces. Who needs plates anyways?

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

Not me, for sure. Specially when it’s all about getting down and dirty, and nothing screams dirty as some good, old fashioned American BBQ. Which is exactly what Bodean’s excels at. Don’t be fooled by the sudden appearance of Bodean’s shops everywhere. These guys really do know their meat from their pork, their BBQ sauce from their, ehm, spicy BBQ sauce. And they can make a mean meal.

bbq pulled pork burnt ends soho london food

And with a diverse menu of sticky delicacies, how could I possibly choose between Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork? Why can’t I have both? Wait. I can? Seriously? Good lord in heaven! This is one happy day! Add in some coleslaw and bountiful chips, and I’m sold.


Slimy? No matter how sticky it already comes, you’re going to douze it in more BBQ sauce anyways

Satisfying? A good BBQ is a good BBQ. This is an excellent one.


10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ

Oven and Hearth - Smoked Lamb Shoulder bbq pulled lamb sweet potato fries stroud green finsbury park

Oven and Hearth – Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Hall of Slime, Sponsored

You know that feeling, when you order something and you have no idea how it will actually be served? When a menu just says “lamb”, and all sorts of different ideas pop to your head. From a piece of steak, to meatballs, to lamb chops. It really could be anything.

Oven and Hearth - Smoked Lamb Shoulder bbq pulled lamb sweet potato fries stroud green finsbury park

All hail the volcano!

So of course I’m happily surprised when from the depths of Oven & Hearth’s smokey kitchen, I see approaching a MASSIVE VOLCANO of Smoked Lamb Shoulder, exploding with succulent and flavorful meat. Meat as tender as can be, easy to pull apart and even easier to eat.

Oven and Hearth - Smoked Lamb Shoulder bbq pulled lamb sweet potato fries stroud green finsbury park

Chopper view of the lamb volcano

Seriously, there’s no other way to describe this other than as a magical, lava-meat spewing mountain of a platter, complete with sweet potato fries and paired with (an admittedly insane amount of) coleslaw, plus some fiery and not-so-fiery sauces. It’s a smorgasbord of happiness, and as such, it didn’t last very long before it was devoured.

Oven and Hearth - Smoked Lamb Shoulder bbq pulled lamb sweet potato fries stroud green finsbury park

The gangs all together now

Everything here screams smokiness, and with other remarkable meat options on the menu (and a £3.5 cocktail happy hour! That’s incredible even by non-London standards…), I’ll have to come back and taste the rest of the cuts (and the burgers). Maybe they’ll be served differently, but I certainly hope not!


Slimy? It’s a volcano of meat. With sauces to spare. Of course it’s messy. The good kind of messy

Satisfying? You’ll want to burn alive after one taste of this delightful meaty lava goodness


Oven & Hearth
121 Stroud Green Rd, London N4 3PX (closest tube is Finsbury Park)


Note: This is a sponsored post. What does that mean? That we were kindly offered the meal to write it. Does that make a difference? Not really, but it’s only fair to point it out. If we like what we ate, great. If we don’t… we’ll see!