The Fat Nasty – Stagolee’s

Hall of Slime

The Fat Nasty. What is it, you may ask? What disgustingly awesome dish could possibly warrant being called something as offensive and harsh as this?

Perhaps it’s best to look straight at the source. Check out Stagolee’s brunch menu entry:

When I see that in a menu, all of a sudden the ‘what to order’ decision has been made for me. You really can’t make stuff like this up. If that sounds gross, well… It’s because it is. And I don’t say that lightly. The chicken is fried to perfection, the gravy (more like bread sauce?) is thick, creamy and dense, and the biscuit on both ends is caloric enough to make you wonder: should this be shared?

Reality check: It shouldn’t be shared. As it’s motherflippin’ delicious. Just check your arteries on your way out fr traces of gravy.

Slimy? The Fat Nasty lives up to its name. And then some.

Satisfying? Incredibly fattening, and incredibly succulent


453 North End Rd, London SW6 1NZ

Big Easy BBQ – The Big Pig Gig Limitless Bar.B.Q

Hall of Slime

Limitless BBQ. Yes. UNLIMITED bbq. ALL the meat you can eat.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, this is a blog. I should, like, write and stuff. But if you’re not convinced by now that you should visit Big Easy BBQ at any of their locations, and make yourself explode out of pure gluttony, then you’re clearly in the wrong place of the internet.


Basically, you show up on a Monday and £20 gets you: unlimited pulled pork, unlimited ribs, unlimited bbq chicken, unlimited french fries, unlimited coleslaw, unlimited bbq beans, unlimited coleslaw, and… one cornbread (I guess cornbread is expensive?!). You also get a beer. You can also go on the weekend, when for £30 you get that and unlimited beer.


So I suggest you find the location closest to your doctor. You’ll be giving him a call right away afterwards. At least you’ll be happy by the time you hit surgery!


Slimy? The level of slimyness is unlimited

Satisfying? Satisfaction is also unlimited


Big Easy BBQ
Crossrail Place (Level 1), Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

Liberty Cheesesteak Company – Philly Cheesesteak

Hall of Slime

The United States of America. Land of the free and American dream. And what could be more freeing that being able to add anything to your food, no matter how disgusting it might sound at first.

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

Squeeze for cheese

The Philly Cheesesteak is a bonafide classic. But there’s two camps where Philly Cheesesteaks go: the normal cheese camp, and the Cheese Whiz one. The one served by the US import gang from Liberty Cheesesteak Company is certainly the latter. They have a melting pot full of gooey, slightly orange and most certainly toxic (in a good way) Liberty Wiz, their own secret recipe. And it’s as fantastic as it sounds. Or, dare I say it, “liberating”.

Liberty Cheesesteak Company - Philly Cheesesteak cheese whiz cheese wiz sandwich american food

A very yellow SUBmarine!

Couple it with some deliciously cooked steak, some onions and mushrooms because, you know, veggies are healthy, and if you go for the whole sandwich, as I obviously did, you get one massive and addictive sandwich.

Feels good to be free, doesn’t it? And there certainly is no better freedom than the one that comes with oodles of melty cheese.


Slimy? Just look up what Cheese Whiz really is and judge for yourself.

Satisfying? The American cheese IS the American dream.


Liberty Cheesesteak Company
At Spitafields Market and other markets around London (check website for current location)

Rita’s – Chicken and Waffles


Chicken and waffles. The two could not be more different. One is a savory delight eaten on main meals all over the world. The other, a typical North American breakfast staple for a powerful start of the day. The two should have, by all accounts, always stayed separated, never to be seen on a table at the same time.

But love is strong. And love between meals is strong as well. That’s how, at some point in time, some dude (or dudette) decided to join these two individual items in holy matrimony. Nobody thought it would work. After all, on one hand, you have a very sweet waffle, made even sweeter with honey on top, and above, some deliciously crispy fried chicken with a tasty gravy. How is it possible that these two can keep this engagement going for years?

My kind of cake. Rita's - fried Chicken and Waffles

My kind of cake

It all depends on where they get married, I suppose. And in this case, getting married at Rita’s, a cool and intimate, diner style joint in Hackney, works like a charm. Pouring the two sauces on top of this tower of greasy goodness feels like giving a blessing on the dish. And after one taste of the powerful flavors brought upon by eating chicken and waffles combined, you’ll never doubt that these two were meant for each other.

In an age where it’s (finally!) becoming acceptable for people to marry whoever the fudge they want, it’s only reasonable that we allow the same for food. I say bring me some sushi covered in chocolate sauce, and I’ll give it a try. Though I doubt that marriage would last as long as this one…

Slimy? Anything covered in both gravy and honey will be dirty. The fact that what you’re covering is a greasy waffle and a greasier fried chicken gives this extra slimy points.

Satisfying? This wedding will be one I shall remember forever. Chicken, I wish you both a good life together. Waffle, you may now kiss the bird.


175 Mare Street, London E8 3RH

The Bayou Soul – Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo


I’ve spent quite some time in the United States. But only in the famous, coastal cities. Never have I ventured to the middle, let alone the south, where the mystery of the bayou and the depths of the Mississippi River coexist. Which means my idea of North American cuisine boils down to “add cheese and then fry it”. Which is totally fine by me.

But oh no, turns out there is so much more than pizza, burgers and hot dogs in the USA. Back in the 18th century (according to trusty Wikipedia), in the hidden marshes of Louisiana, a strange concoction consisting of a slow cooked casserole with some stock, veggies and always some sort of meat was created. And it was called Gumbo. Which does sound like an animated Disney film. But it isn’t.

The Bayou Soul - Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo London Food

Makes you wish you were smaller and use it as a hot tub

Which brings us back to London, to a recently opened restaurant in Camden called The Bayou Soul, which serves Gumbo’s in different styles, this one with some chicken and sausage, plus something they call “dirty rice” (not nearly as dirty as I my wild imagination led me to believe).

It’s some sort of really thick soup, with rich and delicious and fantastic and wonderful ingredients. Pouring it on top of the rice did finally make it dirty, and in the land where curries are king, it’s refreshing to try something so unique that is served in a similar way. Plus, when the meat and veggies are gone, you are left to spoon the rest of the icky substance, blaming yourself for not going for the bigger portion (seriously though, the small one is big enough).

It’s been decided. Next time I cross the pond, I’m skipping New York, renting myself a hovercraft, head straight to Louisiana and bathing in good old Gumbo.

Slimy? Incredibly so. It has a sticky texture, and rich, creamy taste. I wouldn’t touch it with my hands though!

Satisfying? So good I wonder how the US does not have a fast food Gumbo chain.


The Bayou Soul
20 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ, London