Stein’s – Schnitzel vom Schwein mit

Hall of Slime

Oktoberfest is one crazy experience. I’ve been lucky enough to have been and lived to tell the tale. It’s possibly too intense for any human to handle, and it’s certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Go twice, and you’ll risk every single organ in your body.


Which is why it’s great to have a close enough place like Stein’s in Kingston. Mixing the best of Bavarian cuisine with a lovely riverside location, this is the place to go for big beers and big food. And what could be more Bavarian than a schnitzel?


Order the Schnitzel vom Schwein mit and you’ll get a humongous piece of breaded pork, a heap of potato salad and some more salad. It’s as delicious and German as it sounds. And for the brave, you can certainly match it with a 1lt stein of Paulaner.


It’s a sublimely traditional place, but with a very happy vibe, and it reminds me of the parts of Oktoberfest I actually remember. The ones I don’t… well… those are probably best forgotten.

Slimy? Just look at the size! Massive!

Satisfying? Das ist gut!

56 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1HN