Stacks – Poutine


Ahhh, poutine. That most delicious of Canadian delicacies. Canada is all about three things: unlimited kindness, hockey and poutine.

For the uninitiated, poutine is basically chips, smothered in gravy, and topped off with cheese curd, creating a mixture only mad scientists could conceive. Stacks have been doing poutine for quite a while, and their spin is adding even more ingredients to an already disgusting sounding dish. This one in particular has added cole slaw and pulled pork. Because why the hell not.

Trust me. There's chips below all that mess. Stacks - Poutine

Trust me. There’s chips below all that mess.

And it kind of makes you wonder: why do chips get served in any other way? There’s no reasonable explanation as to why something as gross and utterly horrendous can taste so delicious. Canadians are nice and all, but this meal is even nicer. You’ll be thanking everyone for a week after you’ve tried this. You’ll also be thanking for the invention of toilet paper, but that’s a reasonable sacrifice.

Slimy? The fork in that picture? Useless. You’ll be messier than the time you tried eating spaghetti with your bare hands. Stock on extra napkins. Maybe a toilet roll.

Satisfying? My dad used to say everything mixes in our stomach to get me to eat things I didn’t like. This is like that, only it comes premixed, and me liking all the ingredients. I guess it’s nothing like that then…


Stacks Poutine @ Birthdays
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