smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

Smokestak – Beef Brisket

Hall of Slime

Never has so little caused as big an impact.

Brisket is, by definition, a gift from the gods, no matter where you have it. But when I ordered my beef brisket from Smokestak at a non-irrelevant £11.5, I was certainly expecting something bigger or, dare I say it, meatier.

smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

But as wise men know, size isn’t everything. Taste is. And boy does this meat taste good. Tender as can be, and full of delicious, meaty flavour, the beef brisket at Smokestak is smart to be such a small plate: it cannot realistically be shared. A good thing, since you will NOT want to share it.

smokestak beef brisket usa bbq shoreditch

Coupled with some ‘mustard bbq’ sauce (Is it mustard? Is it BBQ sauce? Who cares!), and served in an ever-so-hipsterish tray, the taste will remain in your tastebuds for long. Or at least for the few seconds before you realise you desperately need to order another round.


Slimy? A slice of juicy juicy meat, with juicy juicy sauce. Slime galore.

Satisfying? Why art thou so small, you beautiful brisket thing?!?


35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB