Smack Lobster Roll Deli – Seven Samurai


I hate eating lobster. Mainly because I’m lazy. So much hard work, so much effort, for just a tiny bit of delicious, juicy crustacean. Also, while I’m cracking the shell with what I’m calling a “lobster cracker” (lord knows how that tool is named), it makes me feel sad, like I’m the one killing the poor thing. Poor little lobster. I’ll name you Toby the Lobster. Poor little Toby…

Thankfully, the owners of “now a chain restaurant” Burger and Lobster have created a cleaner (no intense scrubbing needed post meal), easier (no digging through lobster carcass required) and cheap (well, cheap-er, it’s still £10) way to eat it. Now on it’s second branch recently opened in Soho, Smack Lobster Roll Deli serves lobsters with none of the fuss of eating lobster, in sandwich mode and with creative combinations.

As messy as it looks, it's cleaner than regular lobster eating. Smack Lobster Roll Deli - Seven Samurai

As messy as it looks, it’s cleaner than regular lobster eating

As a firm believer that everything can be made better in a sandwich, the Seven Samurai works perfectly. It’s not only lobster, though: that messy looking sandwich also includes Japanese mayo, cabbage, cucumber, ginger, spring onions and some weird spicy sauce. See, seven ingredients. All working together to please your palate.

Toby the Lobster is dead. We can’t change that now. What we can change is he will be remembered, as this sandwich is, by all accounts, a true Samurai warrior. Domo arigato, honorable Toby. You will be remembered fondly…

Slimy? Not nearly as gross as eating lobster the “usual way”, but still more than juicy enough to qualify

Satisfying? Never has there been a more satisfying way to eat lobster. All the flavor, none of the effort. Win-win.


Smack Lobster Roll Deli
58 Dean St Soho, London W1D 6AL