Shoe Shop – Shallots and Mushrooms Crumble


“Mom, I want dessert NOW”, cried the 14 year old me (I matured very late). “You can’t have dessert till you finish your main”, answered my very caring mother. “But mooooooommmmm…” I yelled back, and so and so forth. Of course, Mom won. Main first. Ice cream sundae next.

But Mom and my younger self would both had won had we visited Shoe Shop all those years ago (it didn’t exist, but bear with me). What I had there the other day could easily be described as both a main and a dessert. They’ve taken shallots and mushrooms, and put them inside a crumble, topped with slightly weird horseradish cream. Crazy right?

2015-12-02 Shoe Shop - Shallots and Mushrooms Crumble

Crazy delicious, of course. So delicious, in fact, that I can’t believe it’s not even in the usual menu (Shoe Shop owners: please add it to the menu). Such an unusual combination, leading to such unusual but exciting results, could only be described as daring. And crazy. Crazy good. Have I mentioned how good this was?

After creamocalypse. Shoe Shop Shallots and Mushroom Crumble

After creamocalypse

Add some very reasonable prices, and the fact that they do not sell shoes at all (seriously, what’s WORSE than shoe shopping?) and you get this Tufnell Park gem of a restaurant.


Slimy? This seriously looks like a dessert, yet tastes nothing like it. It’s a dish pulling a trick on your mind…

Satisfying? By some black magic of sorts, this works perfectly, cream on top and all


Shoe Shop
122A Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HL