Santa Maria Pizzeria – San Giuseppe

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The day I ordered a pizza with broccoli shall be remembered. Why would I ever commit such a sin, such an irrevocable mistake, as ordering a pizza pie (or anything really) including broccoli, goes beyond me. But there I was, in a pizzeria in Ealing, eating slice after slice of veggie infested pizza.

And suddenly I realized, not only did it taste good. It tasted great. Could it be that, centuries of kids complaining about broccoli have been spent in vain? That, perhaps, broccoli isn’t as bad as our minds make it out to be? That something green that isn’t lettuce or avocado can actually taste good?

At least at Santa Maria Pizzeria this seems to be true. The San Giuseppe, a fantastic mix of mozzarella, sausage, friarielli (which is apparently wild broccoli) and chilli flakes, has left me numb, and wondering if all I knew about food might be wrong and misguided. I mean, this pizza doesn’t even have tomato sauce, which is already a bold move, but broccoli? Now that’s risky.

What is that green stuff?! Ewwww!!! Santa Maria Pizzeria - San Giuseppe

What is that green stuff?! Ewwww!!!

The small but very efficient restaurant throws pie after pie with incredible dexterity, and they all smelled fantastic, so thankfully, the risk pays off. It tasted delicious. My mind tells me I should hate it. But my body asks for more. I still don’t quite understand how, but the way the sausage and cheese taste with this weird variation on broccoli produces a winner in the pizza front.

Just don’t order it for your kids, or they may never speak to you again…

Slimy? They use a very thin crust at Santa Maria, so things are bound to fall off. But picking them up with your bare hands makes for some delicious thumbsucking afterwards.
Satisfying? Can I? Can I actually agree that something with broccoli can taste good? I think… I can.
Santa Maria Pizzeria
15 St.Mary’s Road, London W5 5RA