Ruby Violet – Long and Frothy Hot Chocolate


I wouldn’t usually write about a beverage, let alone a hot chocolate. But once in awhile you get a presentation that is so staggeringly beautiful, and a hot cocoa that is so sublimely thick and gooey that it bears remembering. And spreading the word, of course.

Tucked in the homely, very residential area of Tufnell Park, you’ll find an ice cream parlour called Ruby Violet. But we are not here to talk about their ice cream (which is, coincidentally, delicious). We’re here to talk about their belgian hot chocolates.

Your Majesty, Hot Chocolate is served. Ruby Violet - Long and Frothy Hot Chocolate

Your Majesty, Hot Chocolate is served

You get to choose between Small & Intense and Long & Frothy. Me, I like my things very long and very frothy, so choice number two was the way to go. You get a nice cup of deliciously thick Belgian chocolate (apparently sourced in West Africa, which makes the whole Belgian aspect sound confusing) and a teeny tiny milk jug.

Mix at your pleasure and voilà. One magnificent hot cocoa to warm you up during the coming winter months. Sure, the milk won’t make it last the whole winter, but then again, you’ll end up having more than one. I’ve been there twice already…


Slimy? So thick you’ll feel it slowly trickle down your throat. And it will feel goooooood.

Satisfying? Just look at how royal the presentation is. The Queen would be proud.


Ruby Violet
118 Fortess Road, London NW5 2HL