Pit Stop Cafe – Malaysian Chicken Curry


Queuing in the UK is a sport. It’s just that people don’t mind queuing. Specially when it’s for a good reason. So clearly I’ve been curious for far too long at the long queues in front of a food cart on Brewick St, which has a market of sorts every workday at lunchtime.

I’m talking massive queues, for a very small trolley style cart selling pan asian food. I understand people queuing for Wimbledon (actually, I don’t, it seems idiotic), but this is a constant line of happy looking people. And nobody is happy queuing unless the end result is worth it.

What differentiates Pit Stop Cafe from other thai and asian food stalls in markets all around Soho, is that the food is cooked right in front of you very eyes, not taken from a pot that has been stewing all day. You can smell it from afar, and see the magicians (with the speed they cook I would call them nothing less) work their, ehm, magic.

Round tupperware rules. Pit Stop Cafe - Malaysian Chicken Curry

Round tupperware rules

I went for the first item on the menu, the Malaysian Chicken Curry, which has a bed of rice, with some deliciously tender chicken (beef and pork also available), carrots, potatoes and more, all topped with deliciously spiced sauces. It’s also massive. A lot of food, and if I wasn’t paying attention to how savoury it was, I would have ended in a mess, as it looks as odd as it is good.

So queue up. No matter how long, or the fact that I wasted half my lunch break waiting for my curry. I don’t regret it. The most important part of the lunch break is the lunch, right? And this tiny haven of deliciousness is worth looking at your smartphone for 20 minutes in the rain/sun.

Slimy? It’s hard to tell with all the stuff, but this dish is begging for you to mix it all, creating an even bigger mess.
Satisfying? I can’t possibly tell all the ingredients on this piece of heaven, but my kids will tell stories of the time their dad waited in line for that famous curry on the street.


Pit Stop Cafe
Berwick St Market (lunchtime Mon-Fri, and they also have a restaurant in Kentish Town)