Pigger & Better – The Rupert St.


I happen to work in Soho, and every Thursday and Friday (at least during “sunny season”) a market opens up on Rupert St., serving all kinds of disgusting looking meals, as any self respecting market should.

One of the stalls belongs to Pigger & Better, which, aside from being a decent pun, serves pig based food. Sausages in particular, served in a peculiar way: on a bun, in a spiral position. Crazy, how I’ve been eating hot dogs forever and never it had occured to me that a sausage could make for a perfect burger.

In honor of the street, they serve a sandwich with a Cumberland sausage, bacon, caramelized onions, some greens and FREAKING FIRE MELTED CHEDDAR.

Melt it, melt it WITH FIRE!! Pigger & Better - The Rupert St. Sausage Sandwich

Melt it, melt it WITH FIRE!!

That’s right. By the time you see the cook torching your sandwich, the taste of the sandwich itself becomes irrelevant, as the experience becomes sublime and incomparable.

Until you take the first bite, that is.

Looks so neat and clean... like a newborn child... Pigger & Better - The Rupert St. Sausage Sandwich

Looks so neat and clean… like a newborn child…

Slimy? Of course this thing gets filthy. Sausages are not meant to stay curled up. Though I have to say it was a fairly effortless ordeal, and most of the sandwich stayed put.

Satisfying? I thought I was going to try all the stalls in this market. Now I have serious doubts I’ll try anything else than the other sandwiches in their menu.


Pigger & Better
Street Food Union (Rupert Street, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday)