Pacific Social Club – Chorizo and Manchego Toastie


You might not know this about me, but I’m not from the UK. I’m originally from [insert secret country] in South America. So yeah, I could write this whole piece in Spanish. But I choose not to. Because, chances are you, my fellow reader, would not understand any of it. And I want you to understand. Because I love you, dear reader. Te amo!

So it’s a given that I’m fascinated by all things Spanish. Including Spanish meals at non Spanish locations. Like this incredibly succulent, Spanish inspired sandwich I had at Pacific Social Club, somewhere in Hackney. Maravilloso!

In this quaint and quirky little coffee shop in Hackney, they serve all kinds of delicious treats (including a peculiar take on ice coffee, the Horchata Iced Coffee), but of course my latino self had to go for the Chorizo and Manchego Toastie. Sporting some fine chorizo and delicious queso Manchego, coupled with some red peppers, almonds and “hot secret sauce” (I’m always suspicious about these secret sauces. Why so much secrecy? Is there like a secret sauce Interpol making sure these are kept secret?), this is one fine sandwich. Delicioso!

Viva the sea of red chorizo. Pacific Social Club - Chorizo and Manchego Toastie

Viva the sea of red chorizo

I don’t have to hide my fascination with queso, but this toastie was the kind of realization that makes me wonder why on earth am I in London and not anywhere in Spain. Then I remember the economy and I forget about it, but still, what a deliciously crafted sandwich. Just spicy enough, with great, non LIDL chorizo (fun fact: the “Spanish Chorizo” from LIDL is not made in Spain) and just a perfect blend of flavours. Fantastico!

So go Hackney bound, and stop by the Club. You will be speaking in Spanish in no time. Adios!

Slimy? El sandwich es mucho, mucho slimy. Mucho, mucho bueno! (bad Spanish is on purpose)

Satisfying? Arriba! Arriba! Mucho sabor! (terrible Spanish is greatly exaggerated)


Pacific Social Club
8 Clarence Rd., London, E5 8HB