Negril – Jerk Chicken

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Ahh… the Caribbean. The breeze, the beach, the crystal blue sea. All those add to the allure of the region. But one thing stands above all else when it comes to true, Jamaican roots, and that is Jerk Chicken.

It’s no wonder that Brixton serves the best Jerk cuisine in London, but it’s always great to stumble into a place that’s not in the Brixton Village, but that is equally good, if not better, than anything else over there. A few blocks away from the tube, you’ll find Negril, a small, family run (or at least it looks family run) joint, serving all sorts of Jamaican fare.

Negril – Jerk Chicken Jamaican food Brixton

Just pick it up and give it all a nice, gravy bath

But stop looking at that menu and just get the chicken. Specially if you’re hungry. You’ll get as much Jerk Chicken as you need (that’s half on the picture, because I’m a beast), with two sides (plantains and rice for me!) and some of the greatest sauces to bathe that bird in. Just one look at the reflective coating the gravy will give your chicken will make you as relaxed as a Jamaican would be when doing… pretty much anything. Add some BBQ and some really spicy sauce on the side, and this dish is a winner.

So as much as I still probably believe that Cool Runnings is the most Jamaican thing outside of Jamaica, Negril happily shares that first spot on the list.


Slimy? So many sauces. You’ll pour them all in at the same time. And you will chillll

Satisfying? You’ll need a hammock after this meal. That’s how good (and full!) it’ll make you feel


132 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RS