cookie dough naked dough oreo london

Naked Dough – Flavoured Dough

Hall of Slime

This place, Naked Dough, sells cookie dough. That’s it. How was this not a thing before, I’m not entirely sure. It’s always been clear that cookie dough is the best. From being Ben n Jerry’s best ice cream flavour (I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise) to turning into magnificent cookies, cookie dough is just wonderful.

cookie dough naked dough oreo london

So along comes Naked Dough, a place that looks like an ice cream shop, feels like an ice cream shop, but has no ice cream. Just different flavours of cookie dough. At first it’s strange since one expects this to be cold. It isn’t. Again, this isn’t ice cream: it’s cookie dough. Then one expects it to go down easy. But how can it possibly go down easy if this is as gooey and sugary as anything you’ll ever have.

cookie dough naked dough oreo london

Which is not to say this is not delicious. It is. Fantastically so. Just be warned: a taste of this and you’ll understand what thickness means in a dessert. So go ahead: get some dough. Just be sure to share it, you won’t be able to finish a tub (I couldn’t, shame on me…).


Slimy? Uncooked cookie dough. So yeah. Very icky stuff.

Satisfying? It packs a punch, but cookie dough parlours are a thing now. What a glorious time to be alive.


Naked Dough
Old Street Underground, London EC1Y 1BE