Miss P’s Barbecue – Beef Brisket Sandwich


Ahhh… Brixton. That remarkable place in South London where all the cuisines collide to create what is, in my humble opinion, some of the best (and cheapest!) food in London. Most of it in what is known as the Brixton Village, but… there’s a new contender in town.

Pop Brixton, which opened just a few months back, is a new place for startups, mostly food startups at that, made entirely out of disused containers. One such container smelled delicious, so I had no other choice but to queue at Miss P’s Barbecue. The smell of barbecue is stronger than my willpower, I’m afraid.

Many options abound, but I settled for the Beef Brisket Sandwich. Probably because it was the most expensive. Yeah, I’m a sucker, I just assume that expensive things are better. In this case, I wasn’t wrong. A deliciously shredded beef is served in a brioche bun as soft as the pillow you still hold on to since you were 4 years old, is topped with coleslaw and a selection of dangerously addictive BBQ sauce. I went straight to the danger zone by having it with both Honey Mustard BBQ and Chipotle BBQ sauces. And my, oh my…

Come to papa... Miss P’s Barbecue - Beef Brisket Sandwich

Come to papa…

I had a tough week. One bite of this juicy and “oh so dripping” with marvelous things sandwich, and I forgot about it all. I even forgot who I was for a moment there. And I thought, if the other containers at Pop Brixton have food at least half as delightful as this unreal sandwich, well, I better move to Brixton, pronto. Until then, the memory of brisket will remain just that… a memory… dammit, I’m moving tomorrow.

Slimy? BBQ dripping through fingers is the best kind of dripping. Mix two of the available sauces, and it’s like the Ghostbusters “crossing the streams”. Not recommended by the health authorities, but it’s what you must do to kill the hunger.

Satisfying? When I do move to Brixton (apparently tomorrow), I’ll get a grill before I even buy a bed. Let’s hope YouTube has good videos on how to cook anything close to this beauty…


Miss P’s Barbecue
Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8PQ