Melt Room – Pastrami Melt


We all love grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re so easy to make at home, and such a market delight. So why not have a restaurant that ONLY does melts? This is what the crazy folks at Melt Room have done. They have a menu comprised of sandwiches with unusual ingredients, and, most importantly, oodles of cheese.

Somewhere in Soho (you can tell if you are close by just by the strong cheesy smell), this small sandwich joint churns out one gooey sandwich after the next. I tried two of them, but will only write about one (only one of them was worthy. The lamb shoulder one… not so much). The Pastrami melt, packing mushrooms, horseradish red leicestershire cheese, was, of course, very cheesy. So cheesy in fact, that it outcheeses most of the other cheese melts I’ve had.

Say CHEESE!!! Melt Room - Pastrami Melt Sandwich


That’s what’s so cool about this place. It’s all about the cheese. All sandwiches come with a specific type, tailored to the flavours that accompany said cheese. Way to make me want to come back and try them all!

If you like cheese, you’ll probably like Melt Room. If you don’t, well, you’re in the wrong blog, mate. Get out. Now.

Slimy? I still smell like cheese. That’s not so bad. Maybe the ladies will like it. Maybe not. I’ll take my chances.
Satisfying? No such thing as too much cheese. And this has loads. All hail the cheese!


Melt Room
26 Noel street, London, W1F 8GY