Max’s – The Spaniard


Stroud Green road is currently being one of the victims of that often hated process called gentrification. Now, I don’t care either way, as long as new places like Max’s sandwich shop keep popping up, I say, gentrify the whole damn city.

Max is run by, well, Max, and he greets you as you come in. He hands you a simple menu, with just a few sandwiches. Intrigued, I went for the weirdest and strangest item in the menu: the “one with no meat”. People who know me know I’m very much a carnivore, and would usually shy away from a vegetarian option. But The Spaniard had one very intriguing item: sweet onion croquetas.

No meat?! Madness!! Max's - The Spaniard Sandwich

No meat?! Madness!!

See that crunchy, fried chicken looking weirdness? That’s the croqueta, Spanish for “let’s fry this and pretend it’s healthy”. Coupled with some herbs and really tasty mayo, and a fantastic bread, this thing was a delight. It’s what I think a vegetarian should have as a death row last meal. Will have to go back and taste the rest of the menu, but if it’s as highly recommended as this one, all bets are off.

Slimy? Quite a bit actually. May not look like it, but this thing is BIG. Ingredients slide through your sticky fingers, and you’ll be picking up rests of that croqueta all over the place.

Satisfying? Mhhh… I still remember this one as if it was yesterday. And it certainly wasn’t yesterday. Or was it? Maybe this was so good it has created a space-time rift, collapsing my entire existence.


19 Crouch Hill
London N4 4AP