Mama’s Jerk – Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings


There’s just something about chicken wings, you know? They have this irresistible quality that, upon gazing on a new set of recently served chicken, one must dive in, with little regard of how one will look while doing it. Watching someone eat wings is disgusting by all accounts, and as much as we can feel people watching us while gorging on these little bits of bird, we… can’t stop ourselves.

Back at Pop Brixton for a second helping (last time wasn’t enough), it was time to try Brixton’s specialty cooking style, jerk. Mama’s Jerk to the rescue, with their incredibly tender, Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings.

The Winged Mountain. Mama's Jerk - Jerk BBQ Chicken Wings in Pop Brixton

The Winged Mountain

Make sure you get sorted with at least 27 napkins, as you’ll be needing them after you jump into the slippery mess that is this mountain of saucy poultry. No clue what they put on the sauce, but it’s as addictive as any other substance I’ve tried before. Plus, if you’re lucky like I was, you might get more wings than you purchased. Kind of like getting one extra McNugget in your nugget box. Only way better.

If loving jerk chicken means I’m a jerk, then I’m more than happy continuing being one.

Slimy? You’ll be licking your fingers all afternoon. And next day’s afternoon also.

Satisfying? If only it was a bottomless pit of wings. They go so fast…


Mama’s Jerk
Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ