Makatcha – Beef and Chicken Rendang

Hall of Slime

There’s so many “rice in a box with toppings” options in London markets, that it gets difficult to differentiate them. Chicken always tastes like sweet and sour chicken, and all cuisines, from Thai to Chinese to Vietnamese end up looking the same in many places.

Then you find something special. A stall called Makatcha, selling rendangan Indonesian preparation. On top of rice. And you think, “surely it will be just another lackluster sweet and sour chicken”, specially because who knows what rendang means (Wikipedia to the rescue!).

Better box than a Happy Meal. Makatcha - Beef and Chicken Rendang

Better box than a Happy Meal

But screw it, I’m a daredevil. I laugh in the face of danger (second The Lion King reference for those keeping tabs on this blog). So I ordered a mix of Beef and Chicken Rendang. Served with some rice and veggies, this is one strong flavoured, fairly spicy dish. And all I kept thinking is how incredibly delicious something that at the beginning seemed so ordinary was.

I feel truly sorry for all those random Camden market stalls selling ordinary Asian cuisine. This is the stuff of dreams, and this is what “food on top of rice” should always be. Just plain delicious.


Slimy? You can feel the oily goodness from a distance while looking at the cooking pans. This is one strong dish

Satisfying? Never will you look at market food the same way again.


Check their Twitter for location (I had it at Winterville)