Kappacasein – Raclette


In the tourist packed nightmare that is Borough Market, there’s a long line of stalls, serving all sorts of exotic cuisines. Right in the north west corner, there’s the mother of all queues, and for good reason. As here’s is where Kappacasein, the masters of the rolling cheese, reside.

You probably can't tell. But there are potatoes under that cheese. Kappacasein - Raclette Potatoes

You probably can’t tell. But there are potatoes under that cheese.

See, their specialty is the Raclette, which consists on rolling a big, round cheese and facing it towards a strong fiery grill, so it melts layer by layer. Then, the said masters will scrape the layer of gooey, sticky cheese onto some delicious potatoes, creating this delicious offering to the food gods.The sole sight of this magnificently gross dish troubles me. It certainly looks, well, awful. Oozing oil, and sporting more calories than my last seven trips to McDonald’s (don’t judge me, I only get Bic Macs in case of emergency), this will certainly satisfy you for weeks on end. And it’s well worth queuing up for. It might even be worth dying for, if it wasn’t for the fact that you probably will want to come back again and have it once more.

Slimy? Certainly. It is one disgusting dish. It is so intense that just finishing it will prove your worth. But you will finish it. Because you must.

Satisfying? Let’s just say after the first bite, I wish my bed was made of a recently melted mixture of cheeses. Also my shower. I’d love to bathe in that cheese.


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