Homeslice – Braised Brisket / Mushroom and Ricotta Pizza

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English isn’t my first language, so I hardly pick up on slang. Apparently, Homeslice has some sort of double meaning. For me, though, it’s always been a standout little pizzeria somewhere in Seven Dials (close to Covent Garden), with some truly massive pizzas and truly fascinating ingredients. Since we cannot stop progress, we might as well get more of a good thing. So it was always a matter of when, rather than if, we would get a second branch. And here it is.

Having lost its intimate surroundings for a larger scale operation, the magic is still in the oven. They still stick to just a handful of pizza styles, still serve massive slices and even more massive whole pies (enough for two very hungry humans, or one very hungry alien monster), and still serve wine by “measurement” instead of by glass (they give you a huge bottle, mark where you started drinking and where you ended and then you get charged for what you drank. Quite ingenious and fun).

The ying and the yang. And neither has tomato sauce. Homeslice - Braised Brisket / Mushroom and Ricotta Pizza

The ying and the yang. And neither has tomato sauce.

I don’t use the word humongous lightly. And these pies are as humongous as it comes. So if you order one, use the opportunity, as I did, to test two different styles. We went for a Braised Brisket with BBQ Sauce half, coupled with another Mushroom, Ricotta and other stuff half. Suffice it to say, they were both very different, very excellent, and very, very filling.

So why head to this location instead of the original? Because, as those who’ve been to the original know, it involves a lot of queuing. And I hate queuing. And so should you. Go now, before the word spreads, as this one will have queuing in no time.

Slimy? This slices are MASSIVE. A two hand operation is needed to properly eat this beast of a pizza.

Satisfying? (Great base + even greater mix of ingredients and combinations) * ridiculous size = awesome.


52 Wells Street, London W1T 3PR