Ho-Ja – Chicken Popcorn Bento


I like movies. Liking movies means I like popcorn. Liking popcorn means I should probably like something called popcorn chicken. But so far, the only times I’ve tried popcorn chicken has been at KFC. KFC is not great (even I have my quality limits).

Which is why this was interesting. I stumbled upon Ho-Ja, a chinese restaurant in Shepherds Bush, and they had popcorn chicken, right on their specials in the menu. An actual restaurant selling high quality popcorn chicken? Of course I had to try it out.

I got the Chicken Popcorn Bento, which comes with some veggies and rice. The chicken is spiced to perfection, crispy, and tender as only Elvis could love it. Plus, you get to choose one of many sauces, so I chose both Teriyaki and Ho-Ja sauce, both equally delicious and distinctive. The art of dunking popcorn chicken into a container of sauce is an act of zen. It brought me peace and tranquility.

So tiny and cute! Ho-Ja - Chicken Popcorn Bento

So tiny and cute!

But is any of this relevant? Not at all. All that’s relevant is that you’re eating chicken, in popcorn fashion. One of those weird inventions that works. Because popcorn is awesome, and chicken is awesome. Get the two together and you clearly get awesome2. And all meals should strive to get to that level of awesomeness.

Slimy? This is chicken you can eat with your hands. It’s only slimy if you want it to be…

Satisfying? How are cinemas not taking the hint?! I want to be able to buy supersized popcorn chicken at the multiplex by the time the new Star Wars comes out.


39 Goldhawk Road, London, Greater London, W12 8QQ