Herman ze German – ze Wilde Bock Roll


Das Currywurst! Das Currywurst! I first tried the famous currywurst (i.e. sausage with curry sauce for the uninitiated) back on a trip to Oktoberfest. Nobody should really go to Oktoberfest, as it is a particularly unhealthy occasion, but if you’re going (you probably are going, aren’t you? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…), other than beer you can always get traditional German delicacies. And nothing screams Germany like a big saucy sausage.

Suffice it to say, I barely remember anything that happened during that week of debauchery back in 2009. So I had to reacquaint myself with big old sausages. And that’s where Herman ze German (winner of the 2014 Best New Shop Name Awards) excels: in big, massive sausage rolls. From a pretty big list to choose, which includes German beer and even (sigh) salads, I went with one of the specials, ze Wilde Bock Roll (winner of the 2014 Best New Dish Name Awards).

SAUCEsage? Herman ze German - ze Wilde Bock Roll German Wurst


I got served a delicious hot dog style sandwich including a bockwurst with onions, mayo and, of course, currysauce in different spicyness levels (I went with Hot, the least spicy one, because I’m a little girl), all served on a mountain of pommes frites (i.e. french fries for the non posh). Massive in scope, massive in flavour, massive in messiness.

And all of a sudden, all my Oktoberfest memories came back to me. The random strangers I shared liters of beer with. The sneaking around to get into private beer tents. The nonsensical cheering while singing German tunes every 5 minutes. The supposed vomit I left on my hosts bathroom floor (I still maintain that wasn’t me). The delicious flavour of a good german sausage.

This is what Herman ze German has done. It has made me want to go back. Back to the eye of the beast. Back to Oktoberfest. I may not survive this time, but hey, more currywurst? Totally worth it.

Slimy? Das sauce! Das sauce EVERYWHERE! Mein got, das sauce!
Satisfying? Brings all that’s good about German food, in a small, delicious and messy package. Das very gud!
Herman ze German
33 Old Compton St, Greater London, W1D 5JU (and other locations)