Franco Manca – Pizza Specials of the Day

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Pizza is considered in many cultures the highest technological advancement in food. It’s delicious, you can eat it with your hands, and it’s available in crappy (but oh so very simple) delivery methods and on fancy (but oh so expensive and posh) restaurants. There’s greatness to be found on both pizza types, but you can only get fancy ingredients when you sit down at the latter.

Which makes Franco Manca, and their now huge chain of restaurants, such a good choice. From their humble beginnings at Brixton Village, now there seems to be a Franco Manca on every corner, almost becoming, God forbid, the new Pizza Express. But what can I say? Their pizzas do taste delicious, and I’ve eaten in more than one of their branches. And this branch is their newest one, in Soho, where pizza competition abounds.

Had to try a slice before taking a picture... Franco Manca - Pizza Specials of the Day London Food

One slice for you, the rest for me. Garfield style.

They claim their secret is the sourdough base they use. I have no idea what that means, and I don’t really care. It just tastes good, and, for less than £10 you can get any of the pizzas they have. Which is why we went for the specials of the day, one which included lamb sausage and fancy cheese, the other with some fancy named mushrooms and NO TOMATO, which would usually be considered sacrilege, but not in this case.

And thus I spent a beautiful sunny day in an incredibly dark underground dining room in Soho, which sounds terrible, aside from the fact that both pizzas were outstanding. And now I wish this chain keeps their inevitable expansion and opens one in my street. Maybe even two.

Slimy? Pizzas are slimy by default. But a good pizza is one you can eat with your hands. You could even bathe yourself with a slice of this one and it would still hold its form.

Satisfying? It’s all about that base, ’bout that base…


Franco Manca
51 Brewick St, W1F 8SJ (and pretty much everywhere else)