Falafel King – Hummus and Falafel in a Pita

Hall of Slime

England has a fascination with royalty. The Queen is still a thing, even if she might not do much nowadays. Buckingham Palace is still hoarded by tourists on a daily basis. And the Falafel King rules over West London.

falafel king portobello road hummus hummous west london

The wha… The Falafel King?! Who is this man, that claims to be ruler of the kingdom and master of all things related to hummus and fried chickpea balls? Nobody knows. It’s a most guarded secret.

falafel king portobello road hummus hummous west london

Yet I don’t care, as the Hummous and Falafel in a Pita served at Falafel King would be considered majestic anywhere in the Middle East. A large serving of balls, coupled by creamy hummus and salad, will end your hunger in a heartbeat, and will make you pledge your allegiance to the kingdom. The falafel kingdom, that is.


Slimy? That hummus won’t clean itself. Bring napkins.

Satisfying? Long live the Falafel King!


Falafel King
274 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TE