Duck & Waffle – Duck & Waffle


What else could I possibly order in a restaurant called Duck & Waffle? It’s such a weird idea from the get go: having a fancy-ish restaurant named after a dish that, upon hearing it, sounds fascinatingly disgusting. But also brilliant. It’s a neat marketing trick right there.

So there I was, going up a vertigo-inducing elevator to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, smack in the middle of The City. As if the incredible views of London weren’t enough, you see a lineup of ducks and waffles being served on the kitchen upon arrival. I was idiotic enough to ask the waiter what he recommend to have. The most obvious question anyone has ever asked. In history.

The calm before the storm... Duck & Waffle

The calm before the storm…

Excellent duck, topped with a duck egg, over a fluffy waffle, and some maple syrup to bathe everything in it. I was thoroughly confused. It’s the slimiest dish I’ve ever had in what I would consider a “fancy” restaurant. And it just goes to show how good an idea this is, and why you have to book weeks in advance just to have a shot at, quite literally, reaching food heaven (40 floors is still closer to heaven than where I’m standing now).

After one heck of a delicious meal, you go down, and as the elevator seems to go down even faster than when going up, and your precious duck, accompanied by it’s trusty partner the waffle, tumble through your innards, you know right there and then that you won’t want to wait for your next visit. And I know what I’ll be having next time…

Slimy? Bathing anything in syrup ensures a nice level of stickiness

Satisfying? Glorious food emanating from the sky!


Duck & Waffle
Heron Tower (110 Bishopsgate), London EC2N 4AY