Dirty Bones – Pork Ribs


Carnaby Street is a tourist trap like the best of them. Filled with chain stores, it’s no wonder why I try to stay as far away as possible. But right by its side, Kingly Court stands alone with really interesting and delicious restaurants. An oasis, if you will, in a sea of consumerism chaos.

Mhhhh... ribs.... Dirty Bones - Pork Ribs

Mhhhh… ribs….

New kid in town Dirty Bones set up their second location on the top floor, to bathe Soho with their BBQ charms. Sporting a deliciously sticky BBQ sauce, their Pork Ribs can fight with the best in Soho, if not the whole city. Nice location, cool decor, groovy tunes, and good ribs. What more could you ask for? Millions of dollars and a yacht… but yeah, still pretty cool.

Dirty! Dirty Bones - Dirty Fries


Match your ribs with some Dirty Fries, which, as implied, are VERY dirty, and you got yourself a nice trip to American inspired cuisine while in one of London’s prime touristic areas. Beats Covent Garden any day!

Slimy? Covered in sticky BBQ goodness, it would be a crime not to eat this with your bare hands

Satisfying? Prime ribs in a prime location. Enough said.


Dirty Bones
Kingly Court (Carnaby St), London, W1B 5PW