Delancey & Co. – Beast Mode Sandwich


Not all sandwiches are created equal. Some are small. Some are big. Some are so massive, and so rich, that deserve a special mention. Then some are even bigger than that, larger than your wildest sandwich dreams, and deserve a special name. Beast Mode is such a sandwich. Heck, I didn’t even care what the sandwich included, I just needed to check the Beast out. And what a beast it was.

Delancey & Co. is a small, diner style place in Goodge St, serving fairly large sandwiches. They all look pretty big, but nothing compares to the monstrosity that Beast Mode is. Honoring its name, Beast Mode includes BOTH salt beef AND turkey, plus heaps of sauerkraut, slaw, “special sauce” (it sure tasted special) and cheese, all pressed and toasted together at the end for it to remain consistent. I could have stopped eating for a week after just looking at this baby being made.

That's only half... Delancey & Co. - Beast Mode Sandwich

That’s only half…

After eating half, your mind says stop, but your body says more, as the sublime and perfect taste of the Beast will make you forget all that’s wrong in our world, and bring you to a simpler state of mind where you simply will not stop eating until you and the Beast are one, thus you becoming a new, bigger Beast. Free to roam the streets in looks of nastier, greasier treats, knowing that chances are you won’t ever find anything as glorious as Delancey’s concoctions.

Go free, wild Beast. Go free and eat freely…

Slimy? For sure, there’s just so much between these two toasties that if some of it didn’t slip out you’d think there was witchcraft involved.
Satisfying? Each bite feels like howling at the moon. Such is the power of Beast Mode.


Delancey & Co.
34 Goodge Street, W1T 2QL London