Cubanos London – Cubano Sandwich


It’s no secret that I’m a film lover. I’ve been to the cinema about 50 times this year (and counting… The new Star Wars isn’t out… yet). So it’s no surprise that I’ve seen Jon Favreau’s little indie called Chef, about a struggling chef in looks of reinventing himself.

What does he do? He opens a food truck in Miami, specializing in Cubano sandwiches. I’ve been to Miami before, and before this, I had never heard of these beautiful bread compositions. And so, I watched the film, getting hungrier and hungrier, in despair for not being able to try this glorious looking sandwich in London.

Look how it reflects on the foil. Mirrored perfection. Cubanos London - Cubano Sandwich

Look how it reflects on the foil. Mirrored perfection.

Until now, that is. Cubanos London is serving Cubanos at Brick Lane market on Sundays, and they’ve been well worth the wait. Two long pieces of bread, with mojo roasted pork, cola cooked ham, cheese, pickles and mustard, which are grilled together, create one heck of a powerful sandwich punch.

With no trips to Miami in sight (or Cuba for that matter, but I have no idea if there’s anything remotely cuban about this sandwich), this is as good a reenactment of the film as we’re going to get in London. Bonus points for the fact that it’s a damn fine sandwich to start a Sunday.


Slimy? The bread is glazed with… emmmhh… “something” before grilling, so yeah, it’s dirty good

Satisfying? Each bite as powerful as the one before, it’s worthy of Hollywood stardom


Cubanos London
Brick Lane Market on Sunday